If you’re wondering for is PC Matic good, then you’ve come to the right place. PC Matic is not just an anti-virus with extensive security protocols, but it is also a tool that works on optimizing the performance of the system. However, pc Matic reviews come with flaws as well. To find out more on pc Matic reviews follow the contents mentioned below!

PC Matic, Benefits and its Drawbacks

As much as you get the benefits of security and other added features, pc Matic antivirus has its flaws as well. The software has a drawback in that it blocks some certified applications as well as programs without any reason. This is an annoying aspect of PC Matic that has been reported by many users. 

Another drawback it has that the load time of the system is pretty low comparatively. However, you can still get a good idea about the pc Matic download in the next section. 

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Pros of PC Matic Software

In this section you’ll find some relevant pros of PC Matic and what it has to offer:

  • PC Matic offers protection from malware in a whitelist form. 
  • The price range of the software is relatively affordable in comparison to other software. 
  • PC Matic offers a subscription for a lifetime. This means that you’d only have to make a one-time investment to get all the benefits at one go. 
  • When you start using the software, you’ll come to find a lot of information as the resultant page offers full details of everything. 
  • The optimization tool to make the PC better, are excellent.
  • PC Matic has a money-back guarantee period of 30 days in case you are not satisfied with the software. 

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Cons of PC Matic Software

Here are some drawbacks of the software mentioned below:

  • PC Matic has some security protocols that block users from accessing certain applications or programs in the system as a measure of security. 
  •  According to various third-party test results in the lab across cities and countries, it has been proven that PC Matic gives out false positives many times. With that in mind, many companies have not tested the software to give out an unbiased review. 
  • Manual tests in PC Matic is a long-run process that takes time. 
  • While you’re using this software, other applications may take more than longer to open. This can slow down the process of the system even if that contradicts the fact that PC Matic tries to optimize the system. 

Features of PC Matic 

If you’re wondering about the specification and the features of PC Matic, then here’s what you need to look at:

  1. PC Matic has a very unique pattern of recognizing malware or malicious files. And not only that, but it also eliminates malware upon detection. 
  2. It has elements such as RDP port, White list, Fileless Script Block. 
  3. PC Matic is mostly compatible with all the versions of Windows operating system along with the XP version. 
  4. The software is available in languages such as German, Italian, French, Spanish, Japanese as well as English. 
  5. It supports Android version smartphones and provides full maintenance of the software. 
  6. Another great aspect of PC Matic is that it works well with old systems as well. 
  7. The software has Ad-blocker which is an inbuilt function in the software. 
  8. It is also user-friendly. For this reason, the software is really easy to use as well as install. 

These are the best features of the software that you can avail of. And, why PC Matic works so efficiently, is because of a different approach it uses. This approach is to tune up the system so well that it itself becomes immune to getting infected with malware. 

This is not what most of the antivirus programs do. Other software is focused on detecting and getting rid of the malware. However, PC Matic does not have any scanning technique like a traditional signature. It uses whitelisting as a way of protecting the system from malware attacks. 

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Specifications of PC Matic

PC Matic comes at the price of $50 without any discount available for it. It also has a money-back policy for a time limit of 30 days duration. The software uses Manual Virus Scanning as well as Automatic Virus Scanning.

It has elements known as Registry Startup Scan and Scheduled scan to protect the system. PC Matic makes sure the following elements are out of the system, such as Spyware, Trojan, Phishing activities, Worm-infection, and Rootkit. 

PC Matic does not protect the system from Emails or chats but it does provide protection from Adwares. It is compatible with Windows as well as Android with a feature of smartphone optimization but not for the Mac operating system. 

It has the ability to remove junk files from the system to make more space in the system and also optimizes the broadband. PC Matic tries to defragment the aspects of any disc that is local and cleans the registry. As a result, the speed of run-time decreases, making the system faster than before. 

PC Matic is best for…

is pc Matic good?” Here is what PC Matic best for:

For system owners who have a very old and outdated version of the system.

It is best for people who are using the Windows XP version. 

PC Matic is the best for those users who seek all the important features in one product. 

How PC Matic Uses Whitelisting to Protect System from Malware?

You may stop to wonder how PC Matic uses Whitelisting as a method of protecting the system against malware. Well, here’s how it does:

Most of the antivirus that is popular, build codes for malware or algorithms to detect malware. PC Matic does the opposite in that case. It makes a whitelist which is built of files that are known. Hence, at anytime PC Matic has an encounter with a file from the whitelist, it does not bother doing anything with it, leaving it alone. 

Files that are not from the whitelist, are sent to the research team of the company for further evaluation and tests. To detect potential threats of any file, it could take up to a whole day to finish up. In addition to this, the drawback of this software is that you’d have to specifically mention the software about which sites or files to be blocked. 

Price of PC Matic

In order to get an annual subscription to the software, you’d have to pay $50 while for a full lifetime subscription, you’d have to pay $150 which would be a one-time investment. 

The offer of the protection plan is meant to work for only 5 devices. Hence, you can buy a license for at least 125 devices. This could be a great deal as it’s impressively available at ease. 

The lifetime subscription has a lot to offer because, with this plan, you will be saving a lot of money and getting great benefits with features. You can also find coupon codes for PC Matic on this site to save even more.   PC Matic has a free version but without extensive features. With that, you’d have to pay for the plan to get the full use of functions.