There is no doubt that everyone’s personal phone contains some personal information that cannot be shared. These data, if got into the wrong hands can do us great harm. They can get details related to bank accounts or withdraw money from it. And by the time we realize what has happened, it can be late.

This year in May, a breach was detected in WhatsApp by malware known as “Pegasus”. It was made by an Israeli group called NSO Group. The group also claimed that it was sold only to the government.

In this article, I am going to discuss Pegasus and give you precise information on how it is responsible for stealing data from Google, Facebook and Apple iCloud. So, Let’s see how to remove a hacker from your phone if it got affected by Pegasus and what should you do to protect it from spying.

Pegasus: An Abrupt Analysis

Pegasus is a powerful tool and is capable of mass surveillance. It was basically used to spy on journalists and activists to keep track of their movements.

As claimed by a report of the Financial Times, an updated version of the “Pegasus” is out and it can access information from Google Drive, Facebook, Apple iCloud, Amazon and from every other place where the data is stored.

So, let’s take a deep look at how Pegasus can corrupt a file.

Pegasus Can Access Your Data From Anywhere

The new updated feature of “Pegasus” can now access the user’s data from the Google Cloud, Facebook, Apple iCloud.

Following that, when it accesses data from the Cloud, no notification or Prompting 2-steps Verification will be sent to my mail. And thus, if my smartphone got attacked by spyware, I will not realize it.

How does Pegasus Access Your Cloud Data?

To copy the Cloud data, Pegasus copies the authentication key to the Cloud and then downloads the entire data from it.

Pegasus can infect both Android and iOS and can spread to laptops and tablets as well. Even if I remove the spyware from the host device, Pegasus will spread to the secondary device and will steal the data which it intends to steal.

In response to this breach, Google and Amazon claimed that they have not seen any breach in their servers. On the other hand, Facebook said that they would check if they notice any breach. 

Outcomes of Pegasus on Your Smartphones

Pegasus is one of the most sophisticated spyware out there and can perform complete monitoring of the actions performed by the user. It starts the spying procedure by scanning the targeted device and then install the software to monitor the device. After this, a hacker can gain access to each and every detail of the users.

Additionally, it can take screenshots and corrupt audios, contacts, browser history and private data from your device. It is so advanced that it can even read encrypted messages and emails.

Pegasus is malware that can take over your phone with time and turn it into a surveillance device.

Following that, it can also corrupt your WhatsApp and Facebook. However, I am going to discuss steps on how to secure Android phones from hackers using Pegasus.

These measures will also be very helpful for your WhatsApp issues and you will understand how to unhack my Whatsapp as well.

1. Keep Your OS Updated

It is always better to keep your OS updated to the latest version. Apple and Google are the two companies that release updates regularly. These are security patches, which are also helpful in repairing any vulnerability in the security system of smartphones.

2. Stay Away From Any Unknown link

Spyware or malware including Pegasus can infect a phone by any unknown pop-up links or corrupted links in emails or Twitter posts.

Thus, if on receiving any message or email from an unknown person, don’t click on it. An experienced hacker can craft a message in a manner that will make you think that it is from a familiar person.

By staying away from unknown links, I will be moving one step forward to protect my phone from spying. 

3. Keep Your Calls and Messages Secure 

The above methods will protect your device from Pegasus until the new version arrives. So it is important to maintain a secured communication as it is not vulnerable to the Pegasus.

Securing calls and messages will ensure that you can communicate safely even after it is affected by Pegasus.

4. Install Good Security Software

You should use good security software on all your devices to protect them from Pegasus.

iOS has no such security software available, but Android has good security software. Thus, it is better to start using them as soon as possible.


As you have realized from this article that Pegasus is very dangerous spyware with a few limited ways to prevent it. But if you follow these preventive measures properly, your chances of getting infected by them will decrease considerably. Hopefully, this article provided you enough information regarding Pegasus in detail.