Final Fantasy is a project in the MMO RPG genre that has gone through many stages and variations of its development, and began as a simple single player for console devices.

Gradually, the project developed and became popular, but only for a certain group of players around the world who have special devices.

Other players were unable to try it and this reduced the potential income and interest in work from Square Enix, which the developers decided to put an end to.

To begin with, a single-player version was released for all available devices, and then a full-fledged MMO RPG was formed, inspired by Warcraft, but with a number of its own ideas to uniquely develop and provide players with the opportunity to provide themselves with ffxiv boost.

Final Fantasy is very different from other MMO RPGs in its variability and at the same time optional in many aspects.

This means that you yourself choose which game aspects should be highlighted and made the main ones, even if these are simple travels and flights through locations, and not a full-fledged boost to Final Fantasy.

Character selection

You will choose a hero, without any special requirements in terms of comfortable gameplay. This means that literally every class has a place and enough strength to participate in any aspect of the server’s life.

Each player will be able to complete all types of quests alone, but the game does not limit the choice of group boosting and completing quests and grinding.

There will also be a place for everyone in raids, and the main gameplay will not be limited only to this and players will also have the opportunity to simply travel and fly around locations, go to an amusement park and have a good rest, or simply communicate with other players and play instruments. FF 14 is considered one of the best MMO RPGs in terms of quality and friendliness of the community, and you will have a great chance to check it out.


In Final Fantasy, you will find one of the most thoughtful and expanded storylines in terms of history.

It will be especially appreciated by long-time fans of the series, because it will also feature cult characters who will receive a continuation of their story, or completion.

You will complete quests and tasks that will take at least 100 hours of real time, if you complete them one after another, you will reach the currently final level 90 of the FF 14 boost, provided you have a premium subscription, of course.

As a pleasant moment, you will be able to create your own unique character and see him during all key negotiations during the game – in cutscenes and dialogues, everywhere you will personally talk with all the key characters and NPCs, which will add a realistic effect to you.

Such quests are carefully thought out by game developers and carry several tasks:

  1. Primary training in movement, mining gil, taking and completing quests as part of leveling up.
  2. Telling a story and giving tasks so that your gameplay always makes sense.
  3. Obtaining resources, gil, weapons and armor at the initial stage to train players and make their gameplay more enjoyable.

In addition to the main and important tasks, you will always be surrounded by NPCs with their instructions – these are tasks associated with the opportunity to receive additional resources and gil, if you want to help them and receive rewards for this.

Such quests do not always have really lucrative rewards, but if you combine them with grinding, story quests and raids, you can collect good resources and leveling in Final Fantasy.


One of the best ways to gain experience is to react to the start of FATE.

This is a random event that starts at a random point on the map and provokes the respawn of many monsters that will attack everything around and at the same time bring a large amount of experience for killing them.

Players will begin to react to the event and rally to destroy them, and the event will be completed when the last monster dies.

In such a big competition, remember the main rule.

Each monster brings a certain boost in FF 14, and if two players beat it, the reward will be divided between them, if there are many such players, then the division will be shared by everyone.

Therefore, just use all the mass skills that you have and hit enemies as often as possible – when you share the reward, you will receive your share of experience.

If possible, kill full-fledged monsters, or gather a group that will in any case deal more damage during FATE, even if the experience is divided among all participants.


In Final Fantasy there are many locations where you can hunt either alone or as part of a group.

This means that you just need to choose a location that suits your level and start destroying monsters.

It is advisable to select locations so that you can simultaneously complete several quests and receive gil and experience for your gaming session.

When all tasks are completed and your inventory is full, you can go to a peaceful city and unload all the loot.


You can turn to the Skycoach service for help to overcome the routine as quickly as possible and get level 90, which is the final level for the current update.

You will need to transfer your account to the booster and the hero development process will begin.

You will receive experience and all rewards as a bonus for ordering the Skycoach boosting service.

You do not need to take part in the boosting process, but simply wait for a notification that everything is completed, and you can log into your account again.

Change your password immediately, because financial and ethical guarantees are respected by the services only at the stage of accepting and completing the task, and then responsibility returns to the player.

The procedure is absolutely safe, because the game administration essentially doesn’t care who you transfer your account to, but at the same time you are personally responsible for the safety of all valuable things.

However, Skycoach service employees still use a high-quality VPN for additional client security.

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