What do you think “Is Total AV a good antivirus?” Well, Total AV antivirus that consists of full features like any other anti-virus. It does the job of protecting the system from various harmful programs such as ransomware, malware as well as spyware. Get to know all by knowing the Total AV Review.

If you’re looking to get this antivirus for your system and getting more information on total av review or to check whether it is total av really free, is total av good or is total av safe, then you can follow the below content.

Total AV Review: Brief Introduction to What it is?

Total AV includes both paid and free versions, but you will find the free version is beneficial, but it will be very limited. In case of the paid version, you will get some advantageous features that you cant get in any other antivirus services. Total AV is a cheap antivirus. But when it comes to privacy and security then cheap will not make the worth of it. Since the time of its release, total av antivirus has made a great impact on consumers facilitating protection. However, after a few years, Total AV made changes in its refund policy, billing practices, software for better improvement. 

Known from total av free review, Total AV is now known to be very user-friendly services on the market. The reason why it is now user-friendly is that Total AV received relatively negative issues during the early years of its release. However, negative remarks were taken into account to make better progress and improvement in key areas of issues.

System Requirement for Total AV Antivirus:

By knowing the Total AV Review, Total AV antivirus is compatible with operating systems such as Mac, Windows, iOS as well as Android. It has a standard protocol for operating systems such as Windows and Mac. However, for Android devices, Total AV has more to offer, such as application manager, optimizer and protection as well.

For iOS devices, the offers are limited, such as photo manager, optimizer and a browsing tool. One of the most confusing aspects of Total AV is that their official website does not specifically mention anything about system requirements. However, you’ll find tabs for downloading the software based on whichever device you are using. 

This can be a hectic thing but even then, if your operating system is upgraded to its latest version, then most likely the chances are higher for Total AV antivirus to work fine on it. And if you ask, “is total av really free?” then yes it is. But you will not be able to avail all the features.

Total AV Free Review: How to Install and Setup?

When you’re about to install Total AV antivirus on your system, you’d have to keep in mind that you cannot use the software unless you’ve registered it. Or unless you’ve created an account. 

It is not that convenient as most of the time, users prefer software that do not require credentials. But, this is for safety purposes. After you’ve registered with your information, Total AV will take some time to update the definition of viruses on the system. 

Keep in mind that updating the definitions of viruses may take longer than the installation process itself. After the installation is finished, Total AV antivirus will run in the background of the system without taking any space of the system. 

Total AV Reviews: The interface of Total AV Antivirus

Total AV Antivirus based on total av reviews. It has a very simple looking interface which is very easy to use, even for beginners. The interface has a meter system that tells you how many potential threats are in the system. 

The categorization of the software is neat but some contents in the software are not necessary. 

Total AV Security Features: Total AV free Review

Here are some extensive features of Total AV that you’ll get when you install the software:

Total AV provides protection against ransomware, malware, and rootkit and lets you get the advantage of using Remote Firewall Access. Your system will also be protected from phishing attacks. 

Total AV has two great features of scanning mechanism and that is “Real-Time” and “Automatic Virus Scan”. You can also safely browse on the internet as it makes sure the network is tightly secured. 

Total AV provides support for any kind of trouble through its live chat and email system. The number of languages it provides are many, such as English, Italian, Dutch, French, German and Portuguese. Also, if you purchase the paid version, then you will get a policy of 30-day money-back in case you don’t like the software. 

Security Features: Total AV Antivirus Review

Total AV terms itself to be an antivirus, just like any other antivirus does. It does protect the system from ransomware and malware including potential virus threats. You need to know that all the extensive features of Total AV are not available in the free version. 

Here are some of the security features that you will get within the paid version of the software. 

1. System Tune-Up

This feature helps the operating system to be optimized so that it can run better and smooth.

2. Password Vault

As suggestive is the name, it does have relevance. This particular feature has been built to keep important credentials highly secure and safe.  

3. VPN

Total AV has Virtual Private Network so that you can access websites without having to reveal your IP address. This is built to protect you from intruders that are ready to target your system as soon as you visit a public Wifi or a harmful website. 

4. Web Shield

Another great security feature that Total AV provides is Wed Shield. This function protects the system from websites that are potentially harmful.

5. System Boost

This function is more of an add-on than an inbuilt feature. If you are looking to boost the operating system then this is the function you’d be using. It has the ability to make any program stop, flush out cookies and cache files from the web browsers

Scanning Mechanism of Total AV: Is Total AV Good?

If you’re wondering how Total AV works in terms of scanning there are two types of scanning methods i.e Quick Scan as well as System Scan under Virus Scan. 

The quick scan does what most quick scans in other antiviruses do. It quickly scans through local files to check if there are any potential viruses in the system.

System Scan scans the system files and deletes them or makes a whitelist. 

Real-Time Protection of Total AV: Is Total AV a Good Antivirus?

Another great protection that Total AV provides in Real-Time Protection. This function checks and monitors the operating system for as long as you keep it on. It scans files that you download.  

This function is enabled as soon as you avail the antivirus as a default protection system. However, you can manually disable it. But it is advisable that you do not turn it off because it protects the system from harm. 

What Real-Time protection does is scanning through downloaded files and as soon as it detects it to be malware or virus, it puts the file into quarantine. 

How Good is Total AV Anti Virus?

If you’re wondering “is total av safe”, or if “is total av good”  then it is a powerful one that has a user-friendly interface with extensive features to protect the system with maximum security. However, according to the reports, the mobile version of the software creates bugs occasionally. 

But overall, according to the total av antivirus review, the software is easy to set up and use. However, Total AV is priced high and without the paid version, you will not get full features in total av free version. It is recommended that if you want your system to have full protection, you may consider subscribing to the paid version.

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