When Avast released its product, it came out with a lot of products along with it in the year of 2017. These products get installed on the system on its own when you get the Avast antivirus.

These products are known as Avast Safezone Browser and Avast SafePrice. 

As much help as these additional products provide, they could be unnecessary and not that important. Additionally, it could be a hassle to get rid of them as they come with the antivirus. Hence, if they get installed, Avast takes over control. To get more information on avast safe price, follow the contents below:

Avast SafePrice: What Exactly it is?

Avast SafePrice is an additional product of Avast that acts as an extension for web browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. In simple terms, it is like a tool on the top of any browser that helps you get suggestions on Product prices whenever you enter any e-commerce website platform. 

Because of the fact that it keeps showing the suggestion for low price products, oftentimes, you will keep getting it even when you are not on any e-commerce platform. For this reason, many people find this extension as annoying and would like to get rid of it. 

Oftentimes, when users download the Avast Antivirus, the extra components of the anti-virus get added to the system without any notice. however, users manually install the component as well. But for those, who are willing to get rid of the Avast SafePrice then here’s what you can do!

What does Avast SafePrice Provide?

As Avast SafePrice is a new additional component of Avast antivirus, it provides limited deals. 

Avast SafePrice gives you the opportunity to visit any online shopping platform, search for the desired product and get a good deal of price suggested by the SafePrice extension. 

What SafePrice offers, is the ability to let you know about the best deals, discount coupons and prices for the item that you are looking for. Just simply select the suggested coupon and then you will be redirected to a different page where the discount is available. 

Finish purchasing the desired item and that is all that Avast Safeprice could offer you. 

Steps on Removing Avast Safe Price

If you want to safe price remove the extension of Avast SafePrice right away, then start with method 1 below:

Method 1: Remove Avast SafePrice Via Components Uninstaller

If you have multiple browsers and all of them have the Avast Safeprice extension, then getting rid of them one by one is a long process. Using this method, you can do it on one go without any hassle. So, “how to get rid of safeprice?” Here’s what to do;

Launch the Avast Antivirus software first from the desktop. Then navigate and select the option called “Settings”. From the “Settings” option, select the option called “Components”. 

After that, you will come across the list of all the additional components of Avast. Locate the “Avast SafePrice” and then click on the option called “Uninstall Component”. 

Now simply restart the operating system when you uninstall safeprice and you’ll see that the extension is removed. 

Method 2: Removed Avast SafePrice Using “Changing Programs”

Another easy method on remove avast safe price that you can apply is by using the “Change” feature in “programs & Features”. 

Simply, go to the “Start” option and search for “Control Panel” in the search bar. You can also launch “Control Panel” by using the “Windows” and the “R” key on your keyboard. 

In “Control Panel”, go to the section called “Programs & Features”. Now you will come across a list of all the programs that are installed on the system. From there, locate the “Avast Free Antivirus” program and select it. 

Right-click on the option and then choose the option called “Change”. Then, a list of all the Avast Components will appear in the following prompt. From there, uncheck the option called “Avast SafePrice Extension”. And then, click on the option called “Change”. 

Now, restart the system and you’d see that the extension has been removed from the browser. 

Method 3: Disable Avast SafePrice In-Browser  (Google Chrome)

how to turn off avast safe price?” If you want to disable Avast Safe Price for a day, then you can do it using the ‘Disable” option from Google Chrome”s inbuilt settings. However, this option is a temporary fix as it will only disable the extension for a day. Here’s how you can apply that:

Launch the Google Chrome browser from the desktop menu bar. Then, launch the option called “Chrome Extension Manager”. Or you can just add the following line into the address bar of Chrome:


As the list of extensions page opens, locate and select the extension for Avast SafePrice. Then, simply choose the “Delete” button which is located on the right side of the option. After this, Google Chrome will no longer have the Avast SafePrice extension. 

Now, restart the system and check if the extension has been removed or not. 

Method 4: Disable Avast SafePrice In-Browser (Mozilla Firefox)

To remove safeprice from firefox, do the following steps below:

Launch the “Mozilla Firefox” browser and then choose the option called “Menu”. Then click on the option called “Add-ons”. Now you will get a list of extensions on the following page. From there, choose the “Avast SafePrice” and then opt for the “Disable” option. 

However, only disabling the add-on would be a temporary fix. You’d have to get rid of it from a location called “Installation Directory”. To do that, follow these steps below:

Open ‘My Computers” and then visit the C local space. Then, go to “Program Files”. From there, go to the file called “Avast Software” and then select “Avast”. Then finally click on “SafePrice”. Then delete it. 

So here’s how to remove safeprice from firefox.

Avast SafePrice: Is it a Virus? Is it Safe?

According to user reports, many people are filled with doubts about this extension as it gets installed on the system without any notice. Users have this notion that whether this extension is malware or not. 

It is not a virus because it is a component that comes under Avast community. However, it does act like adware which ruins anybody’s experience in browsing. The disadvantage of having this extension, so that your pattern of search for products and information will be stored. This is done to give you a better comparison of the products you’re looking for. 

If you’d like the aspect of privacy, then Avast SafePrice isn’t for you. However, you can still do the following tips if Avast Safe Price is already installed.

  • You can consider modifying the default search engine and making it into something else.
  • Change the main page of the browser. 
  • Always keep Avast software upgraded to its latest version. 
  • Keep the cookies of the publisher in the system. 

How to Get Avast Safe Price Application?

If you’d like to use the functions of Avast SafePrice extension then there are exactly two ways you can do it:

Get SafePrice with Avast Antivirus

By now you know that as SafePrice comes under the Avast community, it can be installed if you install Avast antivirus. It will get installed automatically and the next thing you’d know is that the browsers have a new extension called “Avast SafePrice”. 

Get SafePrice Freeware From Internet

Internet is a huge platform and there isn’t any application that can not be found on the internet. You can visit any trusted, reliable and virus-free website. From there, search for “Avast SafePrice” and install it.