Web browsers can be identified as the means of securing connections with the world. Here are some of the best web browsers in Windows ruling the tech world-

Google Chrome

With all the latest buzz, this giant search engine app is surely one of the favorites for users of the world wide web. Some of its newest features that have made it one of the topmost apps in the web browser market are-

  • Task manager

This feature allows a user to control and manage all the proceedings that are taking place in Chrome. This basically helps in controlling the memory consumption that is being used by a tab and other plugins. This also has an easy accessing method, and a user can open it simply by clicking on the Shift+Esc after logging into his Chrome account.

  • Incognito mode

Hands down, this one is by far one of the smartest features offered by Google Chrome. The incognito mode allows a user to access the browser without pinning his search results in the search history. It is also quite helpful while accessing sensitive data that keeps the other saved data in the system.

  • Tabs

Google Chrome also allows its users to manage separate tabs for carrying out different activities within the system. This way, a Chrome user can manage his tasks and do multitask at the same time as well.

Mozilla Firefox

Recently, the Firefox web browser revamped itself with refined features in the form of Firefox 57 that is majorly known as Quantum. This gave a boost to the search browser and has also challenged its rival browsers like chrome in its speed. The major changes that came into action are the remodeled UI and the screenshot tool inbuilt within it to make the task of taking long screenshots of the web page easier.

This wonder windows browser has also redesigned the concept of private mode browsing and has been specified as tracking protection. This has been made to prevent the tracking requests from unauthorized sites and also speed up the webpage loading time. However, this can also happen due to the need to bring the search-related results to the top of the search page.


Undoubtedly, this is one of the most sought-after web browsers for Android users in the form of Opera Mini. similarly, its desktop version is also quite convenient to use in other platforms that it supports like Windows, Linux, iOS, macOS, etc. The latest path-breaking addition to its list of features is to curb crypto-jacking for the people using the web browser.

Apart from that, a few of the other best features are ad-blocker, currency converter, VPN service, etc. The data compression mode is another useful tool that helps that works best on both smartphones as well as in windows.

So, these are some of the big names in the world of web browsers that are helping users to complete their search easily. However, if you have a thing for trying out new technological services, then you may also give a go to some lesser-known browsers like Vivaldi or Torch.

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