If you’ve landed here, then you may be familiar with the Discord application program. It is a communication platform for the gamers community. The application is made for gamers to discuss everything about and related to games in multiple channels and groups. 

However, there is an issue that has been reported by Discord users. The error is also known as discord awaiting endpoint. It is basically a network issue that users face while trying to connect to the discord servers. Unfortunately, if you happen to be one of the users, then you’ve come to the right place. 

Go through the rest of what’s written below to get an idea about what awaiting endpoint discord means and how you can resolve discord awaiting endpoint fix easily. 

Discord Awaiting Endpoint: What Does it Signify? 

As mentioned previously, Discord awaiting endpoint is an error that is related to the network connection. What happens is when users fail to connect due to server issues. Often discord servers get down for maintenance purposes. 

But apart from that, there are some other reasons for which you can be facing the Discord awaiting endpoint error. Here’s a few mentioned below. 

  1. It could happen if you have a slow internet connection. If the network connection is unstable or poor in signal strength quality, then discord will not connect. 
  2. Cache gets accumulated over the course of time. If you have accumulated cache, then it could be a reason too.

 No matter what the cause is, now you have a brief idea about what it is. Without any further adieu, let’s get started with the solutions. 

Discord Awaiting Endpoint: Here’s How to Resolve it!

It can be an annoying thing to face such an issue when you’re in the middle of an important discussion with your friends. But, regardless, if followed properly, you can fix it easily using these methods mentioned below on discord awaiting endpoint fix. 

Method 1: Change Location of The Server

Try changing the server location of discord in the following way:

First, open the Discord application from the desktop. From the application, go to the option called “Settings”. Then from there, select the option called “Server Settings”. Now, finally, go to the option called “Overview”. 

In the following window, you can make a selection in the region which you’d like to choose as the server. Once you’re done selecting the region, go back to the home page of the application and check if you’re facing the same severe issue or not. 

Method 2: Make Changes in the Wi-Fi Settings 

Try making some changes in the settings of Wifi as it could be just a network error. Do the following steps:

The first thing you need to do is to verify if there is an issue with the wifi. Check the connection of the wifi by browsing anything on the internet. Check if the signal strength of the connection in the same way. 

If you come to find that the internet connection is down or if the signal strength is giving a poor output, then reset the network connection by using the Reset button in the wifi router. 

If that also has not worked out for you, then simply make changes in the administration of the ISP.  Change the settings and make it to its default configurations. 

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Method 3: Uninstall and Then Install Discord

It could be that the problem is within the application. Maybe the installation was not done correctly, or there is a network configuration error that is somehow not matching with the wifi. For that, reinstalling the Discord application from scratch one is a viable option. 

By reinstalling the application, you’d be starting the software with its default configurations. Simply uninstall it from the computer or the phone. 

Then go to the official website of Discord and download the latest version of it. Once downloaded, install it back on the system and the phone. Now check if you’re encountering the same error or not. 

Method 4: Use Virtual Private Network (VPN)

VPN is always helpful, whether there is a network issue or not. What it does is ensures that you stream or connect to the discord using a different server. VPN gives you a wide range of servers from the list which you can connect to. 

Simply open any web browser and then download any VPN from a trusted source. Then, install it. Once you’re done installing it, open the application and then connect to ay server. After that, open the Discord application. Check if you face the same error again or not. 


The Discord Awaiting Endpoint error is an annoying error but try using the aforementioned solutions and you’ll be good to go. But if nothing has worked out so far, then all you can do is have patience 

If the server is done, there is nothing you can do other than wait. Keep checking discord applications from time to time to see if the server is back online or not.