When it comes to gaming, Discord is considered as the most used application. But, often users report that Discord is not free from technical flaws and Discord javascript error is the most reported one. Discord contains several types of file and most of the time because of this, javascript error occurs. However, it’s difficult to locate the root cause of the issue.

Fortunately, there are various potential methods that can fix the problem. So, to reduce downtime, you can apply these solutions. Hence, carefully follow the instructions and to resolve the error message.

Root Causes of Discord Javascript Error

As we have already mentioned, there is no specific reason behind the appearance of the error message. However, based on expert advice and user feedback, we have listed the common reasons for this issue.

  • In case, the Discord settings are corrupted or damaged
  • If the Discord setting runs with administrator permissions
  • Sometimes, it’s also possible that Windows Video and Audio quality stop working, there’s a huge chance for the occurrence of the error.

Solutions to Fix Discord Javascript error

You will not get much information about this error on the official website of Discord. However, here, we have thoroughly explained all the possible remedies to solve Discord javascript error. Remember that all these solutions are tested and tried.

1. Change the Startup Type

Most of the time, after changing the startup type from manual to automatic the issue can be fixed. Hence, we first advise you to change the startup type. To do so, use the Windows and R key together and open the Run box. Within the newly opened box, you must enter ‘services.msc’. Then, in order to open the Services window, you should click on the OK button.

Under the Service tab, find out and select Quality Windows Audio Video Experience from the Context menu. The next thing that you should do is to right-click on it. Hence, select the option Properties, from the list. 

In case, the service is already running, then you should stop it and again click on the Start button and run the service. Ensure that, within the Startup type, the service’s properties option is set as Automatic. 

However, during this procedure, if Windows could not start the service on Local Computer ‘Error 1079’ message appears on the screen, then follow the provided directions-

  • Again, open the service’s properties by using the above steps. After that, open the Log On tab and hit the Browse button. 
  • Next, enter your account name in the ‘Enter the object name to select’ box. In addition, tap on the Check Names and within a couple of seconds, the name will appear on the LED display.
  • Hit the OK button. Set up a password, using the Password box. Type your chosen password. Hence, now you can operate Discord without any hassle.

2. Discord without Administrator Privileges

According to some users, if you have not signed in with the administrator account, then you can normally operate the app. This makes us believe that the problem can be with the administrator permissions. 

Therefore, to apply this solution, you must first find out the Discord executable and after that right-click on it and change the properties. Then, head to the Properties section, choose the Compatibility tab. Unmark the box right beside the ‘Run this program as an administrator’ button. 

Ensure that you make all the necessary changes that might appear on the screen in order to confirm the changes. Again open the Discord app without administrator permissions and hope after that the issue will be sorted out.

3. Delete Discord Folders

This solution is actually recommended by the Discord server. Hence, if the above two solutions fail to bring the required solution for you, we suggest you remove the Discord folder. First, open the Windows Explorer account, and then select This PC button. 

Then, you must go to the C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Discord folder. However, if the AppData does not pops-up on the screen, you should tap on View option under File Explorer’s menu, and then within the Show/hide tab, select the Hidden Items option. Furthermore, you will be able to see all the hidden files. 

Now, within the AppData folder, remove the Discord folder. However, if you are unable to do so, use Spotify and through Task Manager end the process. Again, by using Windows and R key open a Run box and after that, enter ‘%localappdata%’ within the box and press Enter.

From the new folder, find out the Discord folder. Right-click on it, look for the Delete option from the list. Ensure that you have completely deleted the Discord folder. Now, without any trouble, you can open Discord.

4. Reinstall Discord

This is another effective solution that you can try to fix the error. Now, for this, ensure that you are signed in with your administrator account. Then, proceed to the Control Panel. In case, you use Windows 10, then open the Settings app. 

Within the Control Panel, go to the right corner and choose View as Category and furthermore, under the Program tab, hit on the Uninstall a Program button. 

On the other hand, if you use the Setting app, then locate the Discord app from the Context menu, and then uninstall it. After that, you will see Discord’s wizard with an option saying ‘completely remove Discord on your computer’ on the screen. Finally, tap on Finish in order to complete the uninstallation procedure.

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Above are the most appreciated remedies to solve the Discord javascript error. Remember that, if you experience some other Discord problem, then by using these solutions you can fix the issues as well. Otherwise, seeking assistance from experts can prove to be beneficial.