Discord is a communication platform that allows you to chat over voice and video with your friends. The platform also supports the online streaming of games and other activities. According to the experts, people are showing a keen interest in changing the text format of the application. 

There are many text formats in which the application is being developed. One of the most catchy texts is the Italics Discord. It gives a fantastic overview of the Discord user interface with the help of Italic text style. Furthermore, apart from italics, you will also come to know about the other texts as well. 

What is the Text Formatting Engine of Discord?

It’s obvious that you get various format styles on Discord. Other than this app, Microsoft Word, Excel and other types of apps provide you with the same features. Where do these styles come from? If you don’t know the fact, then here it is. There are a bunch of algorithms that process the texts. And, it is known as the Markdown, the text formatting engine. 

Markdown, a lightweight language that processes the texts. The Italics Discord is also included in the engine. It is easy to use and understand. That is why the developers of Discord have adopted Markdown for the processing of the dedicated texts. 

Various Ways of Formatting the Texts of Discord

Knowing the various processes of text formatting is important. So, let’s not waste any time and get straight into the details. 

The Bold Text 

The bold texts have the ability to get attention. This format makes the text darker and bigger than the normal size. When you are willing to chat with your friends in bold text format, then, start the line with two asterisks. Furthermore, don’t forget to add another two asterisks at the end. After pressing the Enter key or clicking on the Send button, the text will turn bold. 

If you want to use the system dedicated method, then before typing, press Ctrl+B. All the texts that you write will be in bold. After that, deactivate the bold function by pressing the Ctrl+B, once again. 

The Italics Discord

In one word, you can call it tilted. This format is a bit different from others. Normally, the Italics Discord format helps you to indicate any quotations or special words. Before beginning any text in the private chat, place a single asterisk and then start typing. Always end the line with another asterisk. As usual, when you press the Enter key, the sentence you wrote will turn from normal to italics. 

The Strikethrough Format

This text format is a bit unusual as well as interesting. Let’s say when you write something with a pen on a piece of paper, it seems that you have made a mistake. So, you draw a straight line on it. Digitally, it is known as the strike-through. For obvious purposes, you can strikethrough any texts with the help of this format on Discord. 

Whenever you start a sentence, place an oblique or a tilted or a backslash. Now, write whatever you want to, and add another backslash. Similarly, after pressing Enter key, you will be able to witness the strikethrough format. 

The Importance of Underline Formatting

When you were a child, your teacher used to underline the important words or sentences to highlight them, right? In a digital way, you can also do the same thing on Discord. If necessary, you may have to write a couple of sentences to someone in the private chat. In between them, you need to underline some words that are important. Place an underscore at the start of the word or sentence. After that, do the same thing at the end. You can underline bold, Italics Discord and other formats as well. 

Keyboard Layouts in other International Languages

The Discord layout is available in more than 8 international languages. If you want to switch between languages, then you must know the shortcuts. And, they are: 

  • France (French)- Shift+*
  • Belgium (French)- Shift+$
  • Switzerland (French)- Shift+3
  • Italy (Italian)- Shift+ (+) [the key present to the right of èé]
  • Germany (German)- Shift+ (+) [the key present to the right side of Ü]
  • Latin American- Shift+ (+) [the key present to the right side of ´¨]
  • Spain (Spanish)- Shift+ (+) [the key present to the right side of `^]
  • Sweden (Swedish)- Shift+ (+) [the key present to the right side of Ä]

English is not present here because it is known as the common international language. And, the keyboard is already designed in English. 

What do you mean by Combined Text Formatting?

When you use both text formats at the same time, it is known as the combined text formatting. Let’s say you are writing in Italics Discord. You feel that the line that you are writing is important and must look catchy. So, what will you do? You need to write the word or the sentence in bold and underline it. This is the main concept of combined text formatting. 

For example, you are going to write a sentence in italics. In addition to that, the sentence must be in bold as well as underlined. So, you need to start the sentence with a single asterisk. Give space and place a double asterisk. Once again, give space and place an underscore. After that, start the sentence. Now finish the sentence and place the special characters in the reversed way, i.e. underscore, double asterisk and then single asterisk). 

What if you typed the Wrong Formatting?

Mistakes do happen. If you have done the wrong formatting by mistake, you don’t have to delete the entire sentence. Look at your keyboard, what do you see in the top left corner? The Escape (ESC), press it and you can undo the formatting. After that, make the necessary changes in the special characters as a correction.