Microsoft office is the best platform anyone can ask for if the subject is about creating, editing and sharing files. But in order to use the software, the user must log in to their Microsoft account. From there you will be able to access Office 365 login and all the products by Microsoft like offline office, OneDrive, Office 365 email login and many more.

Once you install the Office, the software will ask for some login credentials to proceed further. If you are a new user then on the sign-in page Office will let you choose a subscription plan.

This subscription plan is connected with a number of logins. That means your office/myaccount will be provided with certain login limitations according to your chosen plan.

The Office 365 mail has two versions, one is the home version and another one is the business version. Both versions are capable enough to serve your purpose. The Office 365 Home lets you connect all your devices among which you can sign in into 5 devices at once.

Well on the other hand in the Office 365 Business version, you can connect up to five Macs, PCs, Tablets, Phones. 

How to Login Microsoft Office 365 for PC?

Now in order to explore the coolest features of Office 365, you have to log in to Office 365 first. So, as to carry out the ms office 365 login procedure, just follow the below steps. 

[ Note: There are three types of account systems present in Office 365, namely home account, school/student account, office/myaccount.]

  • Open any Office 365 application on your system. Like Word or Excel. 
  • Now once you are inside the application go to the File (placed in the top right corner). 
  • In the file, section clicks on the account option and then click on sign-in. 
  • Enter your Microsoft Office account email address and password.  

In case you have not created a Microsoft Office profile earlier, then you have to create your account first and then follow the procedure for office 365 login. 

How to Login Microsoft Office 365 for Mac?

Now Mac users can also enjoy the unmatched features of Office 365. Therefore, in order to login to office 365 in your Mac operating system, all you need to do is follow the below steps.

  • Open your Mac system and open an Office application like Word or Spreadsheet. 
  • Now hit on the Sign-in option by pressing the “enter”. 

On the sign-in page type in your login credentials that is your Microsoft Office email address and password. Then hit the enter key to sign in to your Office 365 account. 

How to Login Microsoft Office 365 on Office Online?

Basically on a short note, Microsoft Office Online is a web-based free version of Microsoft Office. This version of Office 365 is especially analyzed and optimized so that you can work with numerous internet browsers. Therefore in order to login to the Microsoft office online just follow the below steps. 

  • Open your browser and go to the official website of Microsoft. 
  • Once you are on the homepage. Navigate to the top right corner and there you will find the option to Sign In. 

Now a sign-in window will open on your screen. Enter the credentials that is your email address and your password. In the same way here also, your account can be a home account, school account or work account.

How to Perform a Portal Office Login?

Office 365 Portal is a tool or rather can be said as an application that is used to access Microsoft applications like email, calendar, OneDrive and many more. Office 365 is a great tool for business prospects.

So then again, to perform an easy portal office login just follow the below steps. 

  • Open your browser and click on the official website of Portal Office. 
  • On that website, you will find the option to sign in to your Office account. 
  • Enter your Office login email and password. Click on the sign-in option to access your Microsoft office account. 

How to do Outlook 365 email login?

With the new Outlook 365 email, sending and receiving messages on email has become more effortless. It just takes one click to log in to your Outlook 365 email account. So if you also want to enjoy the email service of Outlook 365 then just follow the below steps for your Outlook 365 email login today.

  • From your browser go to the official webpage of Outlook. 
  • On the home page, you will find the option to sign in to your Outlook 365 account.
  • Enter your Office email address and password to proceed further. 

And that’s it! Now you will get full access to your Outlook 365 account. 

How to perform Microsoft 365 Student Login?

Microsoft Office 365 has a separate version for school students. Students from different recognized and eligible schools can perform Microsoft 3565 student login by using their school email address.

  • Therefore, first, you need to sign up in the Microsoft Account and then log in to the student account. Follow the steps to perform a successful student login
  • So just visit the official website of Office 365 and from the home page sign in to your school account.

Now on the login page enter your login credentials and you will be redirected to your student account page. 

How to Login Microsoft Office on Mobile Applications?

The best thing about Microsoft Office 365 is that the software is also available as application on every mobile device. There is a huge range of applications that are designed to work on your mobile phone. Such as Word, Sheets, Excel, PowerPoint.

You can access these applications from any device like mobiles, iPads, Chromebooks, windows phones, etc. So in order to Microsoft Office from any of these devices, just follow the below steps.

Office 365 login for iPhones and iPads

To log in to Office 365 from your iPhone or from your iPad, follow the steps mentioned below. 

  • Launch the installed Office application.
  • From the application go to the accounts page. There you will see the option to sign in. 

Enter your Office 365  registered email address and password. Hence you will be successfully logged into your account on your iPhone or iPad.

Office 365 login for Android devices and Chromebooks

In order to login to your Office 365 account from your Android device or from your Chromebook just follow the below steps. 

  • Open the Office 365 application on your Android device and inside the recent screen click on the sign-in option
  • Now enter your login credentials to get into your Office account on your Android device or on your Chromebook. 

Here also your account can be any one of the three types. 

Login Office 365 for Windows Phone 

Office 365 comes pre-installed with every Windows phone. So as per to log in to the Office account, follow the steps. 

  • Start the Office application and tap on the sign-in option. 
  • Here in the login page enter your Office 365 email and password. 

Once you hit the enter button you will be redirected to your account page on your Windows Phone. 

So if you are still in a dilemma that how to log in to your Microsoft Office 365 then follow the steps that are mentioned above in the different sections. If you follow these steps then you can login Office 365 account from any of your devices.

Just as mentioned earlier with Office 365, Microsoft has added many impressive and eye-catching features that attract many new users. So if you are one of those who don’t have an account in Microsoft Office 365, then go to the official website of Office 365 today and register your account and enjoy the best features.