You may know that GTX 1070 is also known as Fury X. If you do, then you also may have the knowledge of how it managed to beat the 980 version. From this, here’s what the implications say. If you’d like to get more details on the specifications and performance for both the versions fo the GTX graphics card and 1070, then go through the rest of the contents below on 980 ti vs 1070!

Basic Comparison Among GTX 980  & 1070 Graphics Card!

Here is detailed information of gtx 980 ti vs gtx 1070 specifications for the two of Graphics Card 980 ti vs 1070:

  1. According to the performance rating, GTX 1070 has 45 ratings while 980 has 43. The value of money for GTX 1070 is also higher than that of 980, which is 37.74 over 32.57.
  2. The architecture buildup for GTX 1070 is PAscal while for GTx 980, it is Maxwell 2.0. That being said, the Code name fro GTX 1070 is GP104 and for 980, it is GM200. 
  3. Both the GTX 1070 and 980 as Desktop-type that means both are meant for PC use only. That being said, the release date of GTX 1070 was in June 2016, the 10th of June while for 980 was 2015, 2nd June.
  4. Initially, the launching price for GTx 1070 was 379$ but now the current price is $520. Now, for the  GTX 980, the launching price was $649 and now the current price is said to be $605. 

Technical Comparison Between GTX 1070 vs 980 ti

The previous section was all about the basic details of the two 1070 vs 980ti. Now, let us take a look at the technical specifications for both gtx 1070 vs 980 ti to get a clear idea of how well it can work.

  1. GTX 1070 has approximately 1920 pipelines while GTX 980 has around 2816. Also, the Compute Unified Device Structure for 1070 has the same which is 1920 while for 980, that is 2816.
  2. The core clock speed for GTX 1070 runs at 1506 MHz while fro 980, it runs at 1000 MHz. that being said, the boost clock for 1070 is 1683 and fro 980, it is 1075 MHz.
  3. The transistor count for 1070  is at 16nm. For 9780, the same is at 28nm. Now, if we talk about the consumption supply for both of them, 1080 consumes approximately 150 Watt. GTX 980 consumes 250 Watt. 
  4. The maximum temperature that the GPU for GTX 1070 can take is 94 degrees Celsius while GTX 980 is not defined till now. The Texture fill rate fr GTX 1070 goes at 202.0 GTexel per second and or 980, the rate is 176 billion per second. The floating-point for GTX 1070 is 6,463 gflops and for 980, it is 6,060 gflops. 

Compatibility Comparison Between GTX 1070 vs 980 ti

The compatibility of the two with other computer components of the system matters. Here’s what you assess from:

  1. GTX 1070’s BUS support and that of GX 980 is PCIe 3.0 (Peripheral Component Interconnect Express). In fact, the interface is the same for both which is PCIe 3.0 x 16. 
  2. The system power for GTX 1070 is 500 Watts while for 980, it is 600 Watts. Also, GTX 1070 has 8-pin power connectors while80 has both 6 pins as well as 8 pins. 
Dimensions of GTX 1070 Dimension Of GTX 980
Length: 10.5’’ (26.700) cm Length: 10.5’’ (26.7) cm
Width: 2-slots Width: Not defined
Height: 4.376’’ (11.1) cm Height: 4.376” (11.1) cm

Memory Comparison Between GTX 980 ti vs 1070

Go through this section to get a detailed analysis of the memory that is installed for both GTX 1070 and 980:

  1. The memory type for GTX 1070 is GDDR5 while for 980, the memory type is the same GDDR5. However, for 1070, the RAM space is 8GB and for 980, it is 6GB. 
  2. The memory bus width for GTX 1070 is 256 bit while for 980, it is 384. Also, the clock speed for 1070 is *GB per second and for 980, it is 7.0 GB per second. Memory bandwidth is also 256 GB for 1070 and for 980, it is 336.5 Gb per second. 

Output & Port Comparison Between 980 ti vs 1070

Go through this section to find out the comparison of video output and port:

The display connector for 1070 is 1x DVI, 1 x HDMI, 3x Display Port. For 980 GTX, the display connectors consist of 1 DVI, 1HDMI and 3 DisplayPort.

1070 does not have any multi-monitor. But GTX 980 has 4 displays. That being said, 1070 also does not any defined VGA resolution. While 980 has a VGA resolution of 2048×1536. Also, 1070 has no defined audio input for HDMI. But, 980 has an internal one built up. 

Overview: Which One Is Better – 980ti vs 1070?

Based on the detailed analysis and test performance of both GTX 1070 and 980, here’s what it implies;

Based on Benchmark’s performance, which was around 2 years back, GTX 980 showed to be faster in most of the games. However, the launch of 1070 changed this thing. But even then, there are some games that do exist which upon playing with GTX 980, run smoother than GTX 1070. 

But, in the overall aspect, if we look at the whole picture, then GTX 1070 is relatively a bit faster than 980 by 10%. But this implication comes with exceptions. For example, there some games that runway faster in 1070 compared to 980. While there are some other games that run slower with 1070 compared to 980. 

The Final Verdict [980 ti vs 1070]

Based on everything, GTX 1070 has more processing speed and is way faster than 980. While 980 is only faster if compared to Fury X. As GTX 1070 as extensive features, specifications and a great performance rate based on its runtime speed, it is needless to say that it is better. In that case, 1070 is preferably better to play at games that required 4K resolution. 

But if you’re looking at overclocking then GTX 980 would be preferable as it is better than GTX 1070.