Before we begin using Microsoft Office 365, here’s a brief introduction to what it does. As suggestive is, Microsoft office 365 is developed by the Microsoft company which comes under the series of Office products. It provides service to users for both local as well as cloud services.

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What are the Features Of Microsoft Office 365?

The Office series provides services to users that can be altered anytime. Here’s what Microsoft office 365 email login has to offer:

1. Outlook

Outlook is known for its email service along with other options such as calendars, managing contacts, as well as tasks. Another great aspect that has been added to Outlook is Clutter. This is more like an algorithm that has been implemented to Outlook under user preferences for easy handling. 

2. Cloud Hosting Service

These cloud hosting services include applications like Skype, Exchange, SharePoint, etc. The reason for adding this feature is for business-oriented work. That being said, each user gets storage of 1TB in the cloud space. 

3. Collaboration Tools

Office 365 has applications that are useful in wide ranges. This is also for organizational purposes to make business life as easy as possible. 

How to Log in to Microsoft Office 365?

Once you’re signed into Microsoft’s login office 365 account, you’d be able to enjoy all the features of it. But to log in, you need to keep a few things in mind. So, follow the contents below on portal office login.

1. Log Into Office 365 (For PC)

At first, you need to launch any Microsoft application like Excel or Word and then make a new file on it. Then, go to the option called “File”. From there, go to the option called “Account”. Preferably Outlook account. Then click on the “Sign In” option.

Now, in the following window for signing in, enter your email ID and the password that is associated with the Office account. Regardless of the account type such as Microsoft 365 student login, log in anyway.

Now that you’re logged in, you can start exploring the MS Office 365 Email Login according to your use. 

2. Log Into Office 365 (For Mac)

If you are a Mac user, then here’s what you need to do:

Launch any application of Office such as Excel or Word and then choose the option called “Sign In”. If you are currently on a verge of editing any file, then go to the option called “File”. Then, select the option called “New from Template” and then finally select the option called “Sign In”. 

In the following window of signing in, type in the email ID and password that is associated with the office/myaccount. Then click on the Sign In button and you’d be in. 

3. Log Into Office 365 (Online)

If you are looking to enter into the Office 365 account through an online portal then do the following steps below:

Open any web browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox and then go to the official office website “” and then go to the option called “Sign in”.

Now give in your email Id and password of the account you want to sign into. Then select the option called “App Launcher”. From App Launcher, choose any Office application and open it to get started. 

4. Log Into Office 365 (Mobile)

If you are wondering how to log into Microsoft Office 365 through smartphones then here’s what you need to do:

For iPhone/iPads

At first, launch any Office 365 application and then click on the option called “Sign In”. Now in the following box, enter the Office account credentials to log in. 

For Android 

Fro android, launch any Office 365 application and then click on the option called “Recent” then select the option called “Sign In”. Now again, enter the credentials of the account to log in. 

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