Plans of including ads on WhatsApp was first made public by the company in the month of August 2018.

So, WhatsApp is still running without ads, but it will not hold on long. In a few years (most probably within 2020), Whatsapp ads are going to pop-up on your account. Creators of this app have not cleared the idea regarding this.

But according to WhatsApp Vice President Chris Daniels, including this plan will help the business persons to get more visibility among the people. Thus, there is a chance of hiking their business worldwide.

However, including the “Ads” feature can have both positive and negative impact on WhatsApp users. Privacy and security enjoyed so much by the WhatsApp users are going to get undermined. But along with that, there is also a positive adventure that the users are going to get. The users need not surf the internet additionally to view the recent ads in the market.

Latest Features of WhatsApp: New Version

There is a wide range of features that the WhatsApp users are going to enjoy within 2020, and that is as follows:

  • WhatsApp ads 2019
  • QR Codes
  • Picture-in-Picture
  • Group call shortcut
  • Consecutive voice messages
  • Media Preview

Many of the users are afraid of WhatsApp ads and has searched for: If the WhatsApp ads can be stopped manually or not? There is not a definite answer to this query. But most probably, the WhatsApp ads remove cannot be done in the activation of any feature. It will run once you navigate to the Status tab on your WhatsApp account.

Has WhatsApp started showing ads when you log in to your account? If Yes, then do not worry as it will going to happen with every user. This kind of scenario will occur after the WhatsApp creator releases this feature.

Updated WhatsApp Ads Features in Details

Update yourself with more information regarding the latest WhatsApp features.

WhatsApp Ads 2019: 

Ads in WhatsApp is going to release soon, which will help the users to communicate with the business holders.

WhatsApp ads will be the perfect platform through which the business professionals can showcase their product catalog directly in the chats. The businesses which are running without any website can enable this feature to expand their presence in the market to the users.

Most probably, the ads are going to show under the STATUS section of the WhatsApp application.

QR Codes: 

Quick Response Codes feature is going to be run by WhatsApp and it helps the users to share contact details in a quick response. To share the contacts, the users need not type number digit-by-digit, instead, scanning the QR code would be just enough.

The introduction of the QR Codes feature is going to blast within the year 2020 according to the news. The QR codes facility on WhatsApp is still there only to login into WhatsApp account on the desktop.


It will help the users to see a video link, which was sent by you by your friend or relatives. You can watch the video in a box popping up over the chat window and thus saves multiple tabs on the recent button.

Group Call Shortcut: 

Presently, WhatsApp users are enjoying the group video and audio calling feature. You can simply call a user at first and then tap on the Group calling button at the top right corner to avail this feature.

Consecutive Voice Messages:

This new feature enables the automatic queuing of voice messages, and for that, you just need to select the Play Switch. On tapping on the Play button, all the voice messages which were sent to you will start playing in a row.

Media Preview:

Media Preview will allow you to preview all media directly through the notification icon. Thus, you are allowed to choose among the messages that were sent to you. Not just that, by using the Media Preview feature, you can view audio, video, and photo that is sent to you without even opening the application.

Additionally, Dark Mode is also going to get introduced by the WhatsApp owners. This will help you to stick on your account for a longer time with almost nill eye strain.

Update Report on WhatsApp Ads

The Update report says that the WhatsApp ads are going to release quite soon and that is within the year 2020. So, you can be pretty sure that you’ll soon be going to see adds pop-up on your account. You need to be extra careful while using the WhatsApp account as everything that you post or receive can be hacked if you are not handling your account securely.

After WhatsApp got under the ownership of Facebook, all these new features are added to it and it is going to run quite soon. Keep updating your WhatsApp application while updates are available to see all the latest features which are implemented in this application.

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