Location Tracking is a very important feature of your smartphone. Wherever you go, your device records the location. This fact is not surprising at all because smartphones are one of the most commonly used devices in the modern world and hence we are aware of the common features that they provide us.

What might surprise you is that your location data along with your other private information is being traded on a highly strong secondary market.

Although, you might be oblivious about this, however,  your precise location can be tracked 14000 times per day. This is how the location data companies can gain great access to how you spend your day and your whereabouts.

Location data is a rising business nowadays. This business is in much demand by the advertisers, retailers and also by the investment funds. For location tracking, more than 70 companies make direct payments. They get these data from your smartphone apps which commonly gains insight about your whereabouts.

More than 1000 mobile apps have location sharing code. The present amount of location-targeted advertising economy is 21 million dollars.

About location tracking: Know What?

One of the most helpful features of your phone is location tracking. With this technology, you can locate people or things in real-time by recording and tracing their moves electronically. This technology helps us to find any location along with its routes in your phones (for example, Google Maps).

Location can also be tracked with the help of tracking devices which works along with GPS chips. Various satellites orbiting around the Earth can track location using radio signals along with the latitude and the longitude of the spot.

Premium Benefits of Location Data  

Generally, most location tracking companies record mobile location data for proper purposes.

For instance, weather forecasting companies track your location for letting you know about the present weather conditions along with predicted weather changes for the next few days. If you are in a railway station, your location is tracked to let you know about which railway station you are in and what trains are available at the present time. Thus, tracking a location can be much beneficial to us.

How to Use GPS tracker on your android phones? 

GPS  tracker is one of the most advanced technologies designed exclusively for the purpose of tracking locations. The feature is incorporated as an application on every Android phone, thereby facilitating you in tracking location data. Using GPS tracker on your Android device is quite simple. Follow the steps given below: 

A Detailed Guide  

  1. First and foremost, install the application from Google Play, in case, you don’t have it on your Android device.   
  2. Once the application is installed, click on the GPS tracker icon on your device. 
  3. Open the app and then click on the instructions option. You will be able to see the link you will be using along with your unique key for tracking your locations.
  4. For locating your lost device, you have to install the app and run it. You must turn on your phone and connect the same to the WiFi or mobile data.
  5. Once done,  you will be able to locate your lost device from another phone or a computer with the help of a web browser.

How to view the mobile location data on Google Location History?

In this section, we shall offer detailed instructions following which you can view your mobile Location data on the Google Location History. So, follow the steps cited below.

  • Open Google Maps. Tap on the three horizontal lines present in the left corner to go to more options.
  • From the given options, click on Your Timeline.
  •  Thereafter,  press upon the Calendar icon to check the details of any particular day.
  • Once done, swipe either to the left or to the right to find the right month.
  • The moment you find out the required month, click on the Date to view the Location history.
  • On successful execution of the entire process, you can see the route that you have traveled and the location you have visited.

Additional Facts About location Data Tracking: Things you Must Keep Note of   

Location data is not bound with any particular name, any phone number or social security number but it is linked with a unique ID number. A company may know about a certain person who moved from one place to another at a particular time while purchasing his location data but it cannot know the exact identity of the person. These companies can track anonymized cell phone location data but not any personal information along with the precise identity of the person.

But things are surprising when it is seen that it is very simple to derive the identity of the person with the help of the unique location tracking ID and other location details. The unique ID can track the exact location along with the latitude and longitude reading and so it is easy to figure out his regular access to any particular place.

For instance, if a person is staying in a place for days throughout the night that means that place must be the person’s house. If this location’s unique ID gets into the hands of anyone with insidious intent, it can be very menacing.

It is not at all complicated to find if a device is used by a child and a complete stranger can get access to the regular movements made by someone’s child. Many apps are there for child tracking. Some of the best child tracking apps are Spyzie, Kids Place, Webwatcher, Kuukla, Secure Teen and so on.

Concluding Remarks

 The worst possible case that might occur in the near future is the emergence of 24×7 surveillance condition. Tracking companies will track us from second to second. They will know each and every detail about where you go and what you do.

To avoid this mess, many legislatures are working to pass numerous bills to protect consumers from getting tracked thoroughly.

People around the world must be very careful about their location data as numerous apps are keeping a complete record of them.

You should have detailed knowledge about the apps to keep records of your location history. Additionally, you must also know if location tracking can be turned off manually. It is better to use an app which does not have a location tracking feature.

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