In the recent light, the question has been raised whether the Scanguard antivirus is up to the mark or not. Several people are looking up search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing to know if the Scanguard Antivirus can do good protection or not. So what is scanguard? To find out more on the scanguard reviews, read the rest of the contents below!

Scanguard Antivirus: Brief Introduction!

For those who are new to the term “Scanguard”, it is a newly released antivirus program out in the market. While it may not have vast abilities like other anti-virus programs, the developer of the anti-virus programs is far more confident of the product than what it has to offer.

The developers of the Scanguard Antivirus program have mentioned that it is a one-in-all program for security as well as a system optimizer in the entire world, unlike other antivirus software. 

ScanGuard Reviews: Pros and Cons of Scanguard Antivirus Program

Here are some positive as well as the negative highlight of the program:


  1. The availability of a VPN is helpful as it protects the system and gives privacy from revealing your IP address. 
  2. A firewall setting is another feature that is there to protect the system. 
  3. With the help of the Tune-Up feature, the system’s performance enhances impressively. 
  4. The price range of the program is relatively affordable.
  5. You won’t have to create many accounts. Only one can be used. 
  6. Scanguard has a user-friendly interface for easy use. 


  1. The rate of the renewed product is far more than what it was before. 
  2. You will not be able to get any free trial period for using. 
  3. As Scanguard has just set its foot in the market, official testing by authorized labs has not been done yet. 
  4. According to user reports, Scanguard is not compatible with the standard anti-virus program of Windows i.e Windows Defender.

Features of ScanGuard Antivirus Program

In this section of the article, you will find the list of features of the Scanguard anti-virus program in detail so that you can get a better idea of what it has to offer. 

Antivirus Program 

This feature is known to be a standard security protocol that is applicable and implemented by all antivirus products. Hence, as soon as you open Scanguard software and enter into the Antivirus feature, you will get a list of 4 scanning procedures that you can use.

The 4 scanning procedures are:

  • Quick Scan 
  • System Scanning
  • Quarantine Zone
  • Real-Time Protection.

During a scan, if Scanguard detects any files that are harmful to the system, then those files are taken and put into the Quarantine Zone. From there, Scanguard gets rid of the file. If you’d like to view the file, all you’d have to do is go to the “Quarantine Section” and then choose to either remove it permanently or temporarily.

However, if you want to know the major difference between Quick Scan and System Scan, you’d find System Scan to be more useful as it does a comprehensive scan of the entire system, which may take time.

Real-time protection is a feature where the entire system gets monitored for as long as you keep the feature on. It checks activities such as downloaded files or visiting websites and protects the system from getting virus-infected. Because of the monitoring, Scanguard would always advise you to keep this feature on at all times so that the system gets full protection. 

System Boost

As the name itself suggests, this particular feature has a lot to do with optimizing the system in such a way that the system becomes faster in processing functions and tasks.

It also flushes out the cookies, browsing history and cache files from the web browser as they tend to pile up each session. However, this feature is only applicable if you have an up-to-date system with an operating system of Windows 10 and an updated Google Chrome browser. 

Disk Cleaner

Scanguard has an additional feature called Disk Cleaner. This function takes out the junk or duplicate files from the system. However, this function is already available on Windows without any cost required. 

Web Security 

Scan guard has another feature and that is protection against websites which is a great source of virus and malware. It provides three inbuilt functions that do the security job against websites, such as:

  • Firewall
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Adblocker

However, these features are already available in Windows operating system. 

Password Vault

Lastly, scanguard software review says that it allows users to store their important credentials in a secluded storage space called Password Vault. This vault is password protected once you assign a master password to it. After that is done, whenever you try entering the vault, you’d have to use the password to enter in.

As much as it sounds like a good deal, you should always be aware of your own decisions as Scanguard is a new antivirus program and has recently made its release. Especially if you wonder “is scanguard safe

Scanguard Security Review: Is it Good?

Scanguard has very little to offer in the free version. All the utilities are available in the paid version of the software. Upon review, the core 4 functions of the system give out accurate results. However, there is still something to look at if you ask, “is scanguard a scam?”. 

The reason why scanguard scam is still questionable is that the software has not been tested by any reputed lab testing company. If it has a statement attached to it that says it is the best in security measures, then it should have been tested as of now. Which gives us more reason to ask if “scanguard for android scam

However, there are still scanguard reviews on the internet that are positive. But there are no neutral reviews on the program. 

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EICAR Test on Scanguard Reviews

Now you may start to wonder what EICAR is. Here’s all that you need to know about EICAR. 

An EICAR file is a file that is used to test anti-virus programs to check how good it is on detecting viruses. So, the EICAR file is not exactly a virus, but the antivirus will detect the file as a virus file if it works. It is completely harmless to the system but the anti-virus, if it works, then will detect it as a harmful file.

Upon testing Scanguard using the EICAR file, Scanguard did pass it. This implies that the anti-virus works. However, Scanguard does not specifically give any information o performance impact, removal rate or anything that will improve the system.

Another aspect of this test that should be taken into consideration, is that EICAR has 4 types of files. Any antivirus that works poorly can pass the first two files. And antivirus programs that are extremely good, will pass all the 4 types of EICAR file.

Here’s the main deal. According to user reports on scanguard antivirus reviews, Scanguard was able to pass through only one file. Which does raise a question on how good it works. 

Scanguard Support 

The support provided by Scanguard is exceptionally good. It offers you communication methods such as Email, Live Chat Support on a 24 hours a day basis. The support team of the Scanguard is helpful and very professional.

However, you can always refer to the official website of SCnaguard that is has a lot of information about the product. Additionally, you can also check out the manual to fix any issue on your own if you’d like.