Avast is antivirus protection for any computer system. The best thing about this software is that it is free of cost along with added features. Even though it does not cost anything, it provides excellent benefits of security. To find out more on avast antivirus review, read below!

Avast Antivirus: Brief Introduction

Along with a strong password manager, avast antivirus provides browser security and enables gaming mode. And not only does it just provide security benefits, but also you can make changes in the program according to the style of your suite. This is because avast antivirus is compatible with mostly all versions of windows.

Avast Antivirus Features: [SafeZone Browser]

As a part of Avast free antivirus, the Avast Safezone Secure Browser has the ability to secure your banking credentials. Avast implements the functions of add-ons in the browser so that it blocks any ad or website if the detection system recognizes potential threats.  

It also enables a mode called Bank Mode which has the ability to separate the browser from the operating system so that it can prevent malware from intruding. 

Another element called “Wi-Fi Inspector” does the function of scanning any network that is local. The purpose of doing this is to look out for passwords that are weak or if the firmware is out of date. In addition to this, you can get the SecureLine VPN free for seven days. Prior to that, you may need to pay charges of $20  every year. 

Avast Antivirus Drawback 

As much as the security is tight at its core, there are some underlying issues that affect the overall aspect of avast free antivirus review. One of the issues is the long scanning process time and another issue deals with a very complex interface. 

Another problem with avast internet security review is that it has the ability to jot down your browsing history and searches and then give it to any third party. However, the overall features of Avast antivirus have a great positive impact.

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What has Avast Antivirus Covered?

The free version of Avast antivirus is perfectly compatible with all the versions fo Windows such as Windows XP, 7/8/10 along with the versions having service packs. It gives you cover from external malware files from getting into your system. 

With the help of its “Scan” function, Avast antivirus flushes out all the possible virus-infected files from the system. However, if you’d like to avail of the functions of the firewall and additional protection features then you will have to upgrade to the paid version of the anti-virus. 

Avast Internet Security version has extensive features of the firewall. A function in this version provides a feature that will let you make a copy of a key if and while the system is on any attack.

In addition to that, Avast has a function algorithm that protects users from getting targetted in webcam spying by intruders. Avast also shreds files so that intruders cannot access or view confidential files. This is simply done by making the entire file disappear. 

Price Cost for Avast Antivirus Application 

is avast worth paying for? Well, if you opt for the Premium version of the software then you’d have to pay $70 every year. Avast Ultimate is another version that gives you the benefits of unlimited subscriptions for the VPN service version. This version of Avast Antivirus is known as SecureLine VPN Service. 

And not only that, but you can also avail the features of system optimizing and password manager. Along with that, you will also get features related to identity protection. 

If you want to avail security for a single operating system then at $120, you can Avast Ultimate version. But, at the same price, you can also get BitDefender Total Security (Family Pack) with similar protection against malware attacks. 

Core Mechanism of Avast Antivirus

Avast antivirus is made of defensive layers. Among the defensive layers, the first layer scans for the files and tries to compare so that it can tell if its a malware or not. The second layer of the defensive layer pays close attention to activities to check for snippets. This is done to check if there is a possible chance of malware attack or not. 

If Avast recognizes anything suspicious going on, then it makes a report and sends it to the cloud lab of Avast to do some analysis. If the analysis confirms that the file is malware then a new signature of malware is distributed to approximately 400 million Avast users. 

In addition to that, the free version of Avast antivirus provides add ons for browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. These particular add ons lets you be away from potential threats. To do that, it scans the attachments of email to check if any other software is dangerous to the system or not. 

Performance of Avast Antivirus 

The detection engine of Avast antivirus has a shared-link with all the products of antivirus. After testing in 4 labs, the engine performance of Avast has been known to do an average decent job.

According to a lab test in Utah of avast premier review, Avast free antivirus has scored a rating of 98% in the category of blocking websites full of malicious files, in the year of 2018.  

Another test report of avast reviews by a lab in Germany suggests that Avast conducts “Zero-day” protection. This was not seen before through the normal scanning procedure. 

In the month of January and February of 2018, Avast antivirus was recognized to work fine on Windows version 7 with approximately a detection score of 100%. However, there were a total of 7 false detection reports. 

In Windows 10, Avast did not perform well. In the month of March and April of 2018, Avast stopped at the percentage of 99.0 as well as 98.8 during the zero-day activity. 

Another report in Windows 10 has portrayed that there has been improvement in Avast. This is because Avast was able to recognize the zero-day attack and a widespread attack of malware in the month of May in 2018. However, Avast was able to block only 92.2% of it. 

Avast has scored a percentage of 99.4 over the courses of 6 months test in detecting malware that are available on the internet. Even, then Avast antivirus has gone through the turmoil of ups and downs. 

Poor Conducts by Avast Antivirus: Is Avast Good?

According to a lab test in the lab of SE, in Britain, Avast performed poorly. In addition to the question, “is avast good?”, Avast Free Antivirus scored the accuracy percent rate of 91 during the evaluation in SE lab in the year of 2018. This implied that Avast came poorly in the tests while other antiviruses scored higher than that. 

In the test, out of 100 attacks, Avast was unable to detect 5 of them and was not able to stop another 4 attacks. This implied that Avast could not protect the system from a total of 9 malware infections. 

Avast Antivirus Installation 

If you’re planning to install Avast Antivirus Free version then it should take up to 6-7 minutes. Avast antivirus has over 48 languages that you can choose from. There is an option called “Pirate Talk” as well. 

This will you whether you’d like to make the Avast Safezone as a default browser or not. Also, you’d be asked whether you’d like to get the Avast application for your smartphone device or not. 

However, during the installation process, Avast will confirm with you about the fact that it collects the browsing pattern to help its analytics. This is the part where Avast will ask for your consent which cannot be skipped during the installation unless you agree with it. 

Since there is no option to avoid this, you can still go to the section called “Settings Privacy”. From there, you can disable the option for pop-up ads. You also do not need to set up an account as it is not necessary. But, if you do create an Avast account, you will be able to get access from a remote location through the application of Avast for smartphones. 


Avast Antivirus has an extensive range of features to offer when it comes to security. As Avast is always trying to improve its quality of functions in detecting malware, there is a high chance that Avast will be of great help to users!