This article is for users who use DirecTV. Well, even if you are not a DirecTV user and you are planning to get on it, this might be a very useful thing later in the future.

It will be helpful as this article, here, will provide you with one of the very mundane errors you might face using DirecTV and that is DirecTV 775 code.

DirecTV is a direct broadcasting satellite service provider. It is an American company based in El Segundo, California. DirecTV is a branch of AT&T. It is very much advantageous to use as it provides many channels in its every package.

Here, you will be able to catch the news, get current with shopping trends and offers, watch sports, movies, educational channels and so many more.

There are channels that are just perfect for the younger family members as DirecTV has been successful in keeping them entertained since they have started their service.

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The Perks of Using DirecTV

DirecTV is famous for using the very top-quality HDTV (High Definition Television) technology along with the DVR (digital video recording) technology.

HDTV lets the viewers watch the video 10 times the original resolution. This obviously depends on how much television can support it.

DirecTV also lets the audience to record shows and programs for watching them later. It has also introduced the feature of recording more than one video at a time.

These are some of the major good sides of DirecTV specifications that have let so many users go for it without any second thought.

An Error is No Surprise

But, at the end of the day, it is just a device and an occurrence of an error with it is a very common and normal possibility.

There are various errors that can occur while using DirecTV for watching any direct broadcasted video.

There are a number of DirecTV errors that cause various problems in using the device. Some of the very common errors are DirecTV error code 711, DirecTV error code 721, DirecTV error code 741, DirecTV error code 775 and so many more.

This article will make you aware of the DirecTV 775 code. Also, you will get to know the solutions to make you an expert in getting rid of the muddle just by yourself.

So, before we go to the solutions, you must know what is this error actually and what sort of complications it brings in DirecTV.

This error is something that comes as an obstacle on the way when the signal between your receiver and the satellite dish gets delayed or stopped.

Before you go for solving the issue, you need to have a quick check on the connections of your receiver.

Error 775 DirecTV – A Detailed Account

The receiver is having a problem in making communicating with the satellite dish. But, do not be worried as the solutions for this sort of problem are quite straightforward and so is with DirecTV error 775.

After the evolution of error 775 DirecTV, the picture on the television screen gets frozen, pixilated, in worse cases, the television screen turns black which means you will not be able to see a single picture on the television screen.

But you can get rid of it by the application of the needed solution. And, the best part of this is there are not one or two but several solving processes to prevent this particular error in your DirecTV.

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Solutions You can Go for in Order to solve Error 775

Here are the solutions that you go for after the sudden appearance of DirecTV error code 775. Let us head in.

The First Method

The very first and most basic thing that you need to do while seeing this error occurring is to have a thorough check on the connections of your DirecTV receiver.

This is because a loose connection can cause this problem and this is actually very annoying.

Imagine you came from the office early and you decide to sit back on your couch and watch the TV and something like this happens.

To stop this you need to do certain things and here are the steps you need to follow.

  1. Go behind your DirecTV receiver.
  2. Inspect each and every connection on the back for loose or not correctly seated connections, beginning with the Satellite In or SAT IN connection.
  3. You have to be sure about all the connections on the back of the receiver are protected and properly placed or seated.
  4. Turn back your television on. Check for seeing whether you have managed to remove the error code 775 in your DirecTV.

DirecTV 775 code

The second solution to DirecTV 775 code is to check on your Swim power inserter. Almost all users of DirecTV have a Swim power inserter along with the satellite dish and the receiver of your DirecTV.

Swim power inserters require to be connected with the cables that go towards DirecTV satellite dishes, so that’s the spot you should look for yours.

This Swim inserter we are talking about here might not be located in the same room where the DirecTV receiver is placed and this is the only reason you should check for one in each room.

You have to make the Swim inserter is plugged into a power outlet and is also turned on and functioning.

In order to power your Swim inserter, you have to follow some particular steps as listed here.

  1. The first thing you need to do is to unplug the Swim power inserter from the power outlet.
  2. Then, do nothing but wait. Wait for around thirty seconds.
  3. Now, what you have to do is plug in the swim power inserter back into its power outlet, and make sure it’s turned on and working.
  4. Look whether all the things are hooked up or not. Then, turn on the television and check to see if the mess has been solved or not.

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The Third Method

Sometimes this error in DirecTV can occur due to any natural disaster such as a heavy storm. A storm can create a major interference between the satellite dish and the receiver.

And, thus, the occurrence of error code 775 takes place.

So, if the reason for the reason behind the occurrence of error 775 is a natural cause like a storm, then the only thing you need to do here is to wait inside until the storm gets over.

Then, go and check the connections and start enjoying DirecTV the same as always.

The Fourth and the Final Method

This is the last and the final option you are left with if all the above processes fail to work out. You need to call the DirecTV service provider in order to get rid of the mess.

The team of service providers from DirecTV is very much popular for being one of the best service-providing teams.

If you’re seeing that the error code 775 is being into being and you have failed to be successful by applying all the solutions, just give a call to their customer service.

Sometimes the issue might occur due to some problems that are no actually solvable by you. There might be some technical faults in the receiver or the wires might have got damaged or frayed.

Some problems might occur due to the problem in the software or even the hardware and that is something we will not be able to solve on our own.

These are some situations that will lead you to call the customer service team.

Have them, in your place and let them know what are the problems you are facing and they will do their best to make your problems go away as quickly as possible.

Using Online Tools

There are also some tools that can help you do the work for you. You can get those tools or software applications on the Internet.

They work in most of the cases. It is possible for you to face any sort of problems or you might not feel confident enough before commencing with the solving methods mentioned in the above points.

In such a situation you can go for various tutorials or videos available in plenty on the Internet.

Therefore, being at this point of time you might not possibly come face to face with great trouble if error 775 comes into existence in your DirecTV box.


These are the processes with the help of which you will be able to get rid of the DirecTV 775 code. A machine can get way too problematic than you can ever imagine.

So it is very important for you to understand what can be the possible errors occurring with the device along with the solutions.

Hopefully, these steps were quite easy for you to understand. This is because by now you know that the removal of error code 755 of your DirecTV is not that tough as you might have thought at an initial stage.