You might need to use USB devices frequently while using your PC every day. Further, you might need USB cables for various tasks which include charging your phone. Usually, you won’t face any problem while using them. However, in some cases, your device may show an error: power surge on USB port. This means the device you have connected with is drawing more power than it’s supposed to. 

A lot of users are currently facing this issue on their devices. Moreover, you must not ignore this kind of problem at all and find a solution immediately. If you’re wondering how! then there are some quick methods by which you can solve this error. So, keep reading for some useful information on how to deal with the USB port issue.

What Causes Power Surge on USB Port and How to Solve It?

Just like other errors, there could be many causes behind this one. However, you get tried and tested solutions to deal with all of them. So, you don’t necessarily have to take the device to a service centre right away. You can set that plan aside for later, in case you’re unable to solve it by yourself.

  • Do as Recommended on the Screen

When you face this error you get a message from the system. It tells you what the issue is, but it doesn’t say anything about the causes. Instead, it recommends you remove the USB device and select the option to reset. Make sure you have applied the changes and then restart the system. If it does the same in your case, you need not try any other solutions. Therefore, this is the first method you must try as it might save your time.

  • Power Supply Shortage

Power surge on USB ports isn’t always necessarily caused by some hardware or software issues. Sometimes, it can just be due to a shortage of power supply. Now, the power required by the USB always remains constant. As a result, it ends up taking more than your PC can supply. Check your power source to make sure whether that’s the case. If you find any issue, you need to connect it to a better source. This should fix the issue, provided that there are no other causes behind it.

  • USB Ports are Faulty

Since this is a problem related to the USB port, you might find the cause there. Therefore, you must try checking its part for any issues. Now, you might wonder how to do that by yourself. After all, you probably need a professional to open the device. 

However, you do have an easier alternative — the diagnostic tool in your PC. Most desktops and laptops come with this kind of tool nowadays. As a result, users can now check the hardware by themselves. Moreover, these are effective and more accurate in detecting any issues. Use the tool for diagnosing USB port problems and proceed according to the results.

  • Hardware Issues

Your computer is made of many big and small important components. Any of them might start facing problems anytime. As a result, it will cause bigger issues in the functioning of your device, which includes several types of errors like a power surge on USB port. Therefore, you need to look for malfunctions in your hardware as well.

If you’re wondering how to do that, you can simply use the troubleshooter from the Settings.

Run a scan to find problems in the hardware. This tool will detect all of them effectively. Moreover, it will also start fixing those problems, if it’s possible. Otherwise, it will let you know what you need to do next. So, this method will help you fix the power surge issue or at least know how to solve it. You might save enough time by using this solution.

  • USB Controller is Outdated

Your device needs a driver to control the USB port’s features and functions. These drivers work the same way as those used for other components. They maintain the interaction between the system and the various parts. Since they are so crucial for the functioning of the device, you need to keep them up-to-date. After all, you can’t use an outdated one for long while the system keeps advancing. Both the components have to keep up with each other. Otherwise, you might face issues like the power surge on USB port.

Many users neglect the importance of updating driver software, but you must not do the same. Check whether the version you’re using is outdated. It might have been quite a while since you had installed the current one. In some cases, you cannot upgrade to the latest version straight away. Therefore, you need to get a comparably older one first. Thereafter, you can finally upgrade to the latest driver. You might want to start as soon as possible as it will take some time.

To make your task easier, you can get driver software. You won’t need to deal with each one of them individually. Otherwise, you can choose to do this simply from the Device Manager. As an alternative, you can simply go to the manufacturer’s website to get the version you’re looking for. Regardless, the update should provide you with a long-lasting solution.

  • Damaged Controller Software FIles

Had you downloaded a new USB driver before facing the USB port issue? Maybe the problem has something to do with that. As you see, the software consists of many files that are more or less important. If any of them get damaged for some reason, you might face problems with the USB port. 

Can anything go wrong with them during the installation? Even though it may not be very common, it’s still possible. A lot of users have reported this as the cause in their case. You might face it while installing any kind of software or program including games.

In such a situation, you have a few options to solve the issue. You might want to go through the installation all over again, which will take some time. Looking for alternatives? Restoring the system to a previous state would be a viable option. If possible, you can just update to the latest version rather than working on the current one.


The causes given here are some of the most common ones behind power surge on USB ports. You can effectively solve them by using the simple yet effective fixes that are mentioned. And, if the problem still persists then look for professional assistance.