Opera has not been in full form since there are other search engines dominating the market on a large scale. But Opera was still there speeding up with others and now what it has planned for its users will just blow your mind for a while. It has been pushing out its technology and has come up with a payment model that has the potential to change the future.

The Opera Web Browser has recently brought in bitcoin eCommerce and integrated TRON into the latest version of its Android app. Opera announced this with the help of their official blog, that the browser has merged a Bitcoin card to the client’s wallet. Its main purpose is to make it available for you to both send and receive money from and to anywhere on the internet.

But before that those who are not aware let’s have a brief discussion on what’s Bitcoin and what is the importance of TRON in this decentralized payment system.

What is Bitcoin and how does it program?

First, you should know that Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency a medium of exchange based completely on the internet. It makes the use of cryptographic functions to manage financial transactions all around the globe. Cryptocurrency is a virtual currency form.

Bitcoin was first introduced by Satoshi Nakamoto in the year 2008.

Bitcoin is known to be the first cryptocurrency(Digital currency) ever and also the most popular one. It is a digital currency that is absolutely decentralized (Not bound to any specific financial administrative center). It functions without being associated with any central banking system. Here you can send and receive money from user to user and it is connected to a series of computers that are interconnected with the help of the Internet.

Now you might ask what is TRON?

Tron is also a decentralized system which prioritizes to design a free universal digital content entertainment system that is based on Bitcoin. The system is built with storage technology that is distributed with all users and especially it aims to make sharing of digital content it cost-effective and simple.

It was founded by a non-profit organization based in Singapore in September 2017 and is globally known as the Tron Foundation

What is Opera planning on?

Opera and Bitcoin have been working to improve the functionality of cryptocurrency. And with the advancement, it will allow Opera Android consumers to make bitcoin payments directly from it’s integrated electronic wallet. And on top of that, it will allow to communicate with the decentralized applications on the TRON blockchain. This will also help Cryptocurrency visibility to proliferate among the browser’s 300 million stable customer base and the utilization of Bitcoin will increase in the context of purchasing goods and services from websites all over the world.

Few words came out from the mouth of Charles Hamel who  happens to be the Head of Cryptocurrency at Opera which states

Most people have heard of bitcoin and thus we saw it as important to support it and make this feature more familiar to a larger group of people”.

Opera is the only browser among the top browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, UC Browser, Samsung Internet who have come up with digital wallet integration. But no one could imagine this smart move form one of the web’s oldest apps.

With the advanced update from Opera, they also state that they will provide support for both Tron Blockchain and Tron DApps. And moreover, these two tools have already been incorporated in the latest version of the browser.

Opera has been rolling out new developments over the past few months with respect to Web 3.0. More interestingly Opera is the first one, before Bitcoin to introduce the use of Ethereum to purchase through its browsers, a step towards Web 3.0” the vision of creating a decentralized future internet built on a blockchain.

Opera surfaced up a “web 3 ready” android browser which is a crypto-friendly iOS app and a legit desktop browser with a local digital wallet support system and it later partnered with a Swedish crypto broker to sell Scandinavians discounted ETH.

They also implied that the firm was focusing to speed up the use and expansion of virtual assets. It can be a powerful yet simple method of transactions for day-to-day purposes. He further says that advancing Bitcoin payment channels was difficult to achieve but they are doing it successfully. And the reason here is, this model has different use-cases if it is compared to other virtual assets.

Charles Hamel also said that “He believes that expanding the incorporation of browser to more blockchains, including Bitcoin, is the logical next step to making their solution more relevant to anyone who has a Bitcoin Crypto wallet. He further adds that they would like to do things with their cryptocurrencies beyond just keeping them in an account and make more advanced moves in the future.

Due to the reducing derivatives market and inconsistency in price structures, the Bitcoin was in a state of weakness but the moment it decided to go all-in into this Bitcoin-browser integration, he showed that the falls are important ot rise again.

This time he has come with modern technologies and progressive updates that we can benefit from and is constantly working to improve the electronic money transfer system.

Coming to a Conclusion 

I hope I could enlighten you on the subject and you may need this knowledge in the future.

Opera is playing a big role in co-operating with the Bitcoin, most popular cryptocurrency and take the business to the next level. These electronic financial transaction models could change many lives especially those who are working with electronic wallets and virtual currency implementation.

The article on Opera Browser Adds Bitcoin Payments to Android Update comes to an end here.