As data security and your computer are of an utmost concern that is why being updated to an Anti-virus program is of huge importance. But you need not worry too much. 

First of all most of the anti-virus software is supposed to warn or notify you if it is not working or if it is expiring. For example, in case if you are using Windows 10 OS, then it would not require an extra anti-virus plan because it already have a self built-protective anti-virus or anti-malware program. 

If you are using third-party anti-virus software and if it suddenly stops working it would definitely either let you know by popping up notification or will alert you by on screen notifications and mail.

 But sometimes you might get a fake alert known as a “rogue security software”. This takes place when your computer is affected by a virus. And this fake alert is used to keep you in fear and make you download malicious softwares or maybe pay extra to get a new anti-virus plan.

You have to make sure that you don’t entertain this kind of alert or warning.

Users of Windows 8 are privileged enough to have Windows Defender as inbuilt antivirus software and this is the reason that they do not need to buy Anti-virus software from third-party organizations.

As most of the people use Windows OS, be it Windows 7 or 8 or Windows 10 and the most handful feature of using a Windows 7 or 8  is to get Microsoft Essential and Windows Defender as an inbuilt security feature.

How to know why your Antivirus has stopped working?

Some times there are forced pop-ups or unwanted notification that appears on your screen and we are not sure what those are. Some pretend to be security softwares, just warning you of fake malware attack and asking you to fix them for a price or ransomware after they encrypt your crucial information. Hackers can also be involved or a trojan might have entered your pc

It might also be that your trial period for the Antivirus program is over and you have to install a new one. Or the configuration may have changed without your knowledge.

If anyone of you wants to run a free virus scan, Microsoft Safety Scanner would be the best and handful choice to know whether your pc is affected with the virus on not.

Now after the scan is complete, if it turns out that your computer has got proliferated with a virus, then it may be the reason that your Anti-Virus Software has stopped working.

And if the antivirus displays a green icon or image then it is absolutely fine. But we have to check if there is other issues that are stopping your Anti-virus from working. You might need to dig into the settings and check if everything is okay or not.

How to recover from the virus attack?

Your antivirus could act weirdly sometimes even though it is fully updated and running. Suppose if a new malware that is not present in your anti-virus database affects your pc and if the antivirus doesn’t recognize the threat or understand any malware signature then you might need someone to help you with this.

If you are unaware or have forgotten, let me remind you that most of the antivirus enterprises provide a rescue disk.  It can be a USB drive or an ISO file format that can be burned to CD/DVD. 

The rescue disk launches an operating system after the booting which is based on Linux with a built-in antivirus shield. The rescue disk could be handful in these cases

Or you can go for any free third-party tools or antivirus softwares to recover from the malware attack.

The solution to this is going for a new Anti-virus program

This is a serious issue. If you find out that despite having an updated and full functional anti-virus, an untraceable or new malware has bypassed the security then it is high time. Not all antivirus products are made equal.

Independent Antivirus analyzing labs give away a wide range of test scores and there are dozens of antivirus tools in the market. So if you are thinking of changing your antivirus shield you are taking the right decision.

You can go through the process of how antivirus are being tested and then decide what would be the best Antivirus Program for your PC.

But my recommendation is to go with only one solid Antivirus software and not more than that. It may turn out to be not functioning well with each other.

Wrapping it Up

Our concern was What to do if your antivirus Program stops working and I hope we have discussed in detail every aspect of the problem and how to solve it by yourself. We wanted to make you aware of the worst scenarios and suggest you the best way out of the issues. I really hope you would like this informative article and act the way we have recommended in the above.

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