Did you know that over 70% of American adults play video games on a regular basis? The most devoted gamers even have spaces in their home that are dedicated to their gaming experience.

If you want to build a game room or upgrade your current one, you need to know what cool gaming gadgets are out there on the market for you. But with so many items to choose from, how do you know which ones are worth considering and which ones are just a waste of money?

In this article, we’ll tell you about 10 gaming accessories that are worth buying in the near future. We’ll also help you find ways to stretch your gaming budget, so you can get as much cool gear as possible.

1. Gaming Chair

Are you someone who spends hours at a time in your game room playing your favorite games? If the answer is yes, and you don’t have one already, you need to invest in a gaming chair ASAP.

A gaming chair is an absolute must-have, especially for PC gamers, as it’ll keep you comfortable during longer play sessions. With that being said, a gaming chair works well when sitting in a front of a TV, too, so console gamers can enjoy them as well.

The best part? Getting a gaming chair that fits your gaming room’s aesthetic is easy, as they come in a wide variety of designs and colors.

2. Headphones

If you’re an avid gamer, you know that the music and sounds within a game can sometimes be the best part of the experience. A good video game soundtrack makes it that much easier to get lost in a different world, which is why your sound equipment is so important.

We get it. Nothing beats a surround sound system or a soundbar hooked up to a television. But for late-night gaming sessions, when you don’t want to wake anyone, headphones are an absolute must-have.

A quality pair of gaming headphones not only sound good but are lightweight and comfortable to wear, too. This means you can wear them for hours at a time without feeling any discomfort, making a pair more than worth picking up ASAP.

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3. LED Lights

While your tech is the heart of your gaming setup, the overall look and feel of the room it’s in are arguably just as important. After all, who wants to spend hundreds of hours playing games in a room that has no personality?

A great way to brighten up your room, quite literally, is to install some LED lights. From smart bulbs to LED light strips, you can’t go wrong with decking out your room in tons of LEDs.

Color-changing lights, in particular, are a huge hit for most gamers. When set used correctly, they can make it even more fun to play a game, especially at night. This is especially true if you get LEDs that sink up with your TV and change color to match the image currently being displayed.

4. Posable Figurines

Got lots of shelf room in your game room? Not sure what to use that space for? Consider picking up a few posable figurines from some of your favorite game franchises.

Regardless of what type of games you love, odds are there are hundreds of figures of your favorite video game characters out there waiting to be purchased. These are great decor pieces that help you add a bit more of your own personality to your game room.

Perhaps the best part about collecting figurines is the ability to find something on any budget. For bigger franchises, you can find figures from anywhere between 10 to 15 bucks, all the way up into thousands, depending on what you’re looking for.

5. External Hard Drive

Ask any PC gamer, and they’ll tell you the worst part about gaming is dealing with the large file sizes. Video games, especially bigger ones, can be well over 100 GB in size, which takes up a ton of space on a computer’s hard drive.

The best way to combat this problem? Pick up a few external hard drives so you can add some extra storage space to your computer for a low price.

External hard drives are much more affordable now than they were 10 years ago. You can get 1 TB of storage space for less than 100 bucks, which will give you plenty of space to save a few large games to your computer.

6. USB Microphone

Did you know that the average full-time Twitch streamer makes anywhere from 3 to 5 thousand dollars per month? If you’ve got a dream of doing gaming full time, and Twitch is something you’re considering, you need to make sure you have the right gear for the job.

One of the best and cool gaming gadgets on the market today, especially from streams, is a USB microphone. They’re affordable, easy to use, and can help you start streaming games online on sites like Twitch and YouTube.

Like most items on this list, you can find USB microphones that fit any budget. Be sure to read plenty of reviews, so you can ensure that you pick the right microphone for your setup.

7. Webcam

Another must-have item for anyone wanting to stream their gameplay online is a webcam. Sure, it’s possible to stream without one, but most of the big streamers on Twitch are visible, and it’s nice to have the option to show off your space to the world.

Again, finding an HD webcam that works with your budget isn’t as hard as it used to be. With that being said, gaming is heading in a 4k-only direction, so you need to keep that in mind if you want to future-proof your setup.

8. USB Projector

Want to make a game night with your friends that much more fun? Grab a projector online and shine it on a wall so you can play a local multiplayer game on a huge screen.

Of course, in order to make this setup work, you need to have access to a large, blank wall that you can project an image onto. But if your game room checks that box, a projector is something that can make a cool space to play games that much cooler.

On top of gaming, a projector is great for watching your favorite shows and movies at night. And if you pick up a few blackout curtains, you can even get good results from a projector in the daytime.

9. Arcade Machine

Big fan of retro games? Got some extra space in your game room that you don’t know what to do with? Pick up an arcade machine of your favorite classic video game.

Arcade machines have gotten super popular over the last few years, partially because so many companies are making them. You can get a mini arcade machine and save some money, or go all out and pick up a full-size one like the kind you’d see in a real arcade.

Want to take it up a notch? Get a customized arcade cabinet that matches your game room and comes preloaded with tons of retro games. There can be quite pricey, but are totally worth it, as it will be the best part of your game room from the moment that you set it up.

10. Cable Management Sleeves

Over half of the items that we’ve mentioned come with a cable or cord of some time. Assuming you’ve got a normal game room, odds are there are more cables and cords than you know what to do with already.

Adding more to the picture isn’t ideal, especially if cable management isn’t your area of expertise.

The good news? Cable management can be easy with the help of a few cable management sleeves. Sure, they’re not as fun as figurines or LED lights, but they can keep your game room neat and tidy, making them worth having.

Looking for More Cool Gaming Gadgets to Pick Up?

Regardless of what kind of gamer you are, you can’t go wrong with picking up any of these cool gaming gadgets. All 10 items can help you turn your space into your ideal gaming setup that you never want to leave.

Looking for more information on the latest cool gaming gadgets? Check back with our blog often, as we’re always talking about everything gaming, from sound to monitors to everything in between.