Google’s phone app has some excellent features. This app can automatically filter out all the spam calls and directly send them through voicemail. This application is mainly designed for blocking spam calls from users.

The phone will not ring and the user will also not get any notification of a missed call by using this app. The user can check their voicemail inbox if they want to hear the voice message.

But you will not receive any notification from the Google. So, you now can understand whether you have received a voicemail from a spam caller or not.

A Small Note on Spam Calls

When a large number of phone users receive some inappropriate or unnecessary messages, these are called spam calls. Spam calls are really very annoying and sometimes are dangerous also. These calls are mainly designed for unnecessary promotion or unauthorized access to your phone.

spam calls

Why do you receive spam calls?

Sometimes your phone number can be a target of spam calls. You can check whether your phone number is publicly available or not. Your phone number can be associated with some other social media profiles and anyone can easily access this.

It is very easy to find out your personal information from the internet or from some other public databases by using some advanced technology. In this way, legal and illegal spam callers can get mobile and landline numbers of different individuals.

Spam calls are a threat to your smartphone

We know that some spam calls are illegal as well as dangerous. These calls are coming from all over the world.

The main aim of the spam callers is to steal some important personal information from us. There are many ways to motivate Scammers for doing some illegal works. Illegal spam callers can also steal your money, personal identity etc.

Some Advantages of Google’s Phone app

Phone users will not receive any ring or vibrating noise because of the unnecessary spam callers. This is the most important advantage of this application. To start with, go to settings and from there you can easily enable this option.

Another advantage of Google’s phone app is it can easily pull up all the information on an unknown call.

It will always give you a warning if there is an indication of spamming activity on any particular number. You can easily block a number from the call history by using this app.

Advantages of Google’s Phone app

Disadvantages of Google’s phone app

This feature will only work for those calls which Google can successfully identify them as spam. Google may not be able to classify them as spam calls if you will receive some calls with similar area code.

If you want to solve this issue, you can report it to the Google’s support system. They will tell you how to remove spam calls.

Some other features of Google’s Phone app

People are mainly using Google as a search engine. But at present, Google is offering different apps with some excellent new features and some of them are absolutely free.

Google Docs is providing some excellent facilities for real-time document sharing and also collaboration. Multiple users can share the document with anyone so that they can easily edit the document.

An MP3 player, live TV feed, custom RSS reader are some of the Google Gadgets. By using Google API, we can create our own Google Gadgets. This is an important feature of Google’s phone app. Gmail is the stalwart application in the Google apps. Premier edition of Google apps can allow maximum 25GB storage for each Gmail account.

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