Google constantly updates their Google Assistant UI. Users can now be able to switch to eight different modes or eight different colors.

You simply will have to pick the voice you prefer. Google recently adds six new voices. From now onwards you will enjoy six new voice-recognition options on your smartphone.

Google Assistant Voice and New Features

Google in the brand new UI assigns random colors from Voice 1 to Voice 8. It does not associate any color with a particular option.

That means, they do not associate the color pink with a female voice. And added and assigned a male voice to pink. Google does not make gender discrimination.  And people praise this Google’s decision.

Google promises that the color-based Assistant update will soon roll out in the market. And people who choose English as the first language will enjoy the new UI first.

Sundar Pichai, Google’s CEO also adds that among the eight voices, one’ s voice will be of John Legend.

Google Assistant Voice

More Features To Offer

However, parents are quite tensed that because of Google Assistant children will not learn the courtesy. Google keeps this in mind and designs the Google Assistant accordingly. New Google UI will teach and reward students for being polite.

Google Assistant and Competition with Amazon Echoes

Google Assistant throws an open challenge to Amazon Echoes. The duo is competing with each other to grab the market. According to a survey, Google ships around 3.5 million Google Home units while Amazon ships around 2.5 million Amazon Echoes.

People are finding Google Assistant more convenient to use. Thus, the popularity of the Google Voice Assistant is increasing every day.

Make Changes in Google Assistant Voice On Your Phone

So, if you want to the change the Google Assistant voice option, you have to make modifications in Assistant settings. However, you need to keep in mind that you must have an android phone running Android 6.0 marshmallow or above.

  • First of all press the home button for long, that will activate Google Assistant
  • Next press the blue explore button
  • You will get to see the three-dot menu button. Press the button

Click on Settings and configure the Google Assistant

  • After that click on Preferences
  • Tap on Assistant Voice
  • Select the voice you want to hear, check the button next to that voice

Voice ranges are available from soft to deep. It also varies in male and female. However, you will be amazed to know that all those voices are computer-generated.

google home

Alter Google Assistant Voice From Your Google Home

You can change Assistant Voice on Google Home pretty easily as your Google account shares between the speaker and home. Use the Google Home app to configure the settings.

  • Launch Google Home app first
  • Now visit the left-side menu

Go to Settings and set your Google Voice Assistant you like from your Google Home

  • Next, go to More Settings
  • Then go to the Preferences
  • Click on Assistant Voice
  • You will get to see a list of voices. Voice varies soft to dep, from female to male. Choose the one you like the most

That is it! You are done. Note your voice should be different both on your phone and Google Home Series.

You must register your Google Home device with a Google account. Only then you will be allowed to choose a different voice for your Google Home and your phone respectively. You must know that new voices are available for the US people only at the current moment who sets their Assistant’s language to US English.

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