Origin is a popular online platform for purchasing and playing intensive multiplayer games. It provides professional gamers unlimited access to the latest titles. Unlock exclusive games awards of the battlefield games. 

This website allows players to install the games on their computers and smartphones. Origin members can play with their friends by accepting their requests. But, sometimes, you might face hindrances while sending friend requests. 

Origin can’t add friends even after entering the right username or email address. Usually, this occurs when there is no internet connection. A third-party application can prevent you from inviting a friend to play games. This Origin error can take place by adding someone who is not on the friend list. 

Did you change the game settings? It could generate issues while playing games with the other Origin members. Moreover, the corrupted version of the application could cause this friend request issue. Restart Origin to resolve this problem in minutes.

4 Solutions to Fix the Origin Can’t Add Friend Error

There are several ways by which Origin users can eliminate this issue. Run this online application as an administrator. Right-click on Origin, and choose “Run as administrator” when the pop-up menu appears. 

Open the online gaming program and add friends to play games like A Way Out or Dragon Age. Try sending friend requests from the phone instead of the website. Restart the wireless router to solve this Origin error.

An outdated Origin application can often cause this problem. Thus, go to the Microsoft Store to update it immediately. Do you access Origin from a smartphone? Then, open PlayStore or AppStore to update Origin. 

Ensure there is a stable Wi-Fi connection while updating the program. And, if these solutions don’t work, implement the following solutions:

1. Disable Windows Firewall Defender

Microsoft included Windows Defender to prevent the device from malware attacks. But, it could restrict gamers from sending friend requests on Origin. Disable this security feature to avoid getting the Origin can’t add friend error. 

Hold the Windows and I keys together to access the Settings menu. Choose “Control Panel” from the list of the built-in Windows programs. Wait until the new window opens, and choose “System and Security”. 

Move towards  “Windows Defender Firewall” and click “Turn Windows Firewall on or off”. Choose “Turn Windows Defender Firewall Off” from the next page. Tap on the “OK” button, close the Control Panel window and open Origin. Enter the users’ private ID and check if you can invite them to a game request. Enable this security program, if it doesn’t resolve this issue. Otherwise, Windows users can experience data breaching events. 

2. Uninstall the Corrupted Antivirus Software

An outdated or corrupted antivirus software could block Origin’s access. Uninstall it immediately to fix the Origin can’t add friend error. Do you use a Windows gaming PC? First, go to the Start menu, and tap on the Control Panel afterwards. 

Locate “Programs and Features” and look for the antivirus software you want to delete. Right-click on it, select “Uninstall”, choose “Yes” when the confirmation message appears. Restart the device, and then open Origin. It will never cause problems while inviting friends. 

How to Remove an Antivirus Program from a MacBook?

Do you play Origin’s EA games on a Mac device? Consider removing the antivirus software to solve this game request error. Go to the “Finder” menu tap on “Applications” to choose the antivirus program. 

Additionally, Mac users can press the Command, Shift and A keys simultaneously. It opens the Applications list. Drag the application to the “Trash” icon. And, right-click on the “Trash Bin” option to remove it from a MacBook. Go to the Origin app and send a friend request without further interference. 

3. Sign Out from the Origin Account

Many faced the Origin can’t add friend error after signing in to their account. Thus, the gamers should sign out from their account first and sign in again to fix this problem. Open the “Origin” application from the Windows or Android device. Click the “Origin” option, and then choose “Offline”. Additionally, you need to select the “Sign Out” option and click “Exit”. 

Access this online platform and enter the right login credentials. Tap on “Sign In”, and then provide the gamer’s email address. Choose “Add friend” and check whether the receivers are getting any invite requests. Close the program from the Task Manager tool if the error persists.  Furthermore, you can sign in as a guest user to fix this complicated issue.

4. Clear the Origin Cache

Storing excessive data in the Origin apps could cause this issue. Moreover, the app might stop responding or freeze in the middle of the games. Clean the cache to avoid getting the Origin can’t add friend error. 

Did you remove the cached data before from this site? Then, first, close the Origin app, and hold the Windows and R keys simultaneously. Consider writing “%ProgramData%/Origin” when the pop-up box appears. Press the Enter key and wait for a while until the next window opens. 

Search for the LocalContent folder move it to another location. Now, remove all the folders that are in this window. Close the window, access the Run program and enter “%AppData%”. Press the “Enter” key to open Origin’s “Roaming” folder. Don’t remove any folder except “Origin”. And, then go to the address bar, write “App Data”, and find the “Local” folder. Click that, right-click on its “Origin” folder and select “Delete”. Restart the computer, open this online site and invite friends to join the games. 

Lastly, Uninstall and Reinstall the Origin Application…

Open the Play Store, go to the search box and write “Origin”. Tap on the app name from the searched results, and select “Uninstall”. Install the latest version of Origin on the Android device to fix this problem. And, the Windows users need to open the Control Panel to remove this application. Then, open a web browser visit EA’s site to reinstall Origin in the Windows computers/laptops.