As nowadays we are using wireless networks and are very much attracted to the networks such as 3G,4G,5G etc for their ultimate speed. There may be some risks for our privacy and security. Now the question is 5G is safe or not? As it is faster than 4G and it has better spectrum and capability so there may be some confusion regarding its services and security. So here you will get the details about the 5G security and the problems with 5G. 

5G Security:

Security and privacy are the biggest challenge that every user expects from the network they are using. If a network is not secure then users will not use that network although it gives us good internet speed.

The 5G network provides us with ultimate speed,performance and lower latency. But 5G network includes some risks though 5G internet speed is faster than 4G network. A technical report was published by The Department for Digital,Culture,Media and Sport of the UK government on 5G security in December 2018. It mentions about four security mechanisms  that are:

1.Cross-layer-security:  A uniform framework will be required to correlate other security methods for every security layer such as the IoT.

2.End-to-end Security: There should have a secure connection between the user and the network for communication. As the 5G network is distributed in nature so it makes this challenging. 

3.Cross-Domain-Security : Cross-domain security is the most essential part for 5G security. 5G networks create a massive amount of novel use cases with unique requirements. So it requires for cooperation among them in the 5G network to enact security across the domain.

4.Security-by-Design : 5G security can be implemented by design  when the network is being developed.


It has become a debate in the media about the 5G security. As there are so many sensitive data transmitted through the network there may be some risks of hacking the data. Insecure infrastructure of  network causes a great risks of hacking.

5G network is more secure than 4G network while some testing requirements and commitments at international level accept  the 4G network. Operators use some mixer of suppliers in each network of fifth generation to be more secure and private.

5G Threats:

The variety of information makes it more beneficial to the spammers who want to steal our data. It may cause some blackmail, identity theft and privacy for our data. For example just think about if a hacker attacks or hacks a 5G enabled camera or car application then what will be the situation. Sometimes hacker may get our exact address through the range and location of the IP address  we are using in the network. 

In today’s world as the number of spammers are increasing day by day it has become a question for our security. As the number of network connected devices are increasing it may be helpful to the attackers to steal our data using the IP address configuration and network range.

Solutions for Privacy:

It is very essential to solve the problems for the users so that they can get a secure network. A mobile network can not be 100% secure  but it is safer than public WiFi. Mobile operators are working on it to provide us secure networks as much as possible.

5G network is significantly changing its application and network connected devices to provide us the best security and privacy. We can only grant permission to the trusted one for PIN code or biometric access of our devices. We should share or grant access of our location data only if it is necessary.  

The future 5G networks  that are in progress will provide us better security though there may be some demand. They will provide us with the biometric options to login to the networks that will be more secure. 

Conclusion :    

As the 5G internet speed has become a debated issue for its privacy and security the network companies are trying to provide us the wireless networks with best security and privacy. Though there are some problems with 5G, the network providers are working on it to provide us with a secure wireless connection. They are working with the next generation of 5G which will be more secure. As the 5G security is faster and has more capacity than 4G it will be great for our everyday life.     

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