We get into the world of apps instantly when we open our eyes after a nap. The very first job most people have done that, checking their Whatsapp, Facebook or Instagram account. And more than thousands of apps we are using daily and working by them. But ever you think of making money with your own app? No? Then get ready and think of it. Earning money by the android app is just some steps ahead. You just follow some app monetization strategies.

    The 7 best mobile app monetization strategies.

  •  Adding Email with your app 
  •  Advertising/ Ad revenue
  •  Sponsorship/ Partnership
  •  Subscriptions
  •  Free Premium versions
  •  SMSD Marketing
  • In-App Purchases


You are thinking about how Email will help me to monetize android app. But yes Email is the first step you must use. It will engage more customers with your app, more customers more money.

People don’t change their email address frequently so a regular email can attract the reader’s mind and they will engage with your mail and has the possibility to grow interest on your product. Now if you ask how I gather people’s email address? The answer is just to fill up an email subscription form to your app. It effectively works in such a process, you can add some special offers with the subscription to entice your customers. And this is obvious to put your app link inside the email.


Are you forgetting to add ads to your app? Then you are so unlucky, you are missing one of the biggest opportunities to earn money. Because ads are the biggest and oldest way of earning money. 

Now a day people spend much time with their mobile phones after tying up Digital ads to mobile apps it is an open opportunity for you earning money by reaching a vast amount of people. You can communicate effortlessly with your customers and also with advertisers. According to research in 2013 around 91% of people downloaded the unpaid app. So the simplest way to earn money and boost your promotion ‘Pay for your advertising and Make your app free’.

Sponsorship / Partnership

A partnership is also a good idea to monetize android apps. At first, choose a similar company, it must be client-based and well known to people. It will be the key to your success. Because a well-known company can take you to a large number of people and you will popular soon.

Sometimes the company logo makes your work. Because people today become brand conscious. They may open your ad by seeing your partner company’s logo. And a better company includes advertisement features so automatically you can get the advantage of the advertisings.


Start a subscription service for regular customers, and to make it more interesting, add some offers like monthly or quarterly premium systems. Also, you can add discounts on your subscription. You can allow your customers by paying monthly subscriptions to unlock the rest of the content.

Free / Premium (Freemium)

‘Freemium’, the term is used for free android apps that have no download charges. But it has a hidden strategy that is in-app purchases. There are few people who wants to pay for any app. So a freemium app can increase the number of your customers and they get an idea of what this app can do for them.  A Freemium can make your customer to a subscriber. Because after an end of a freemium they will feel that they can’t stay without this app and they will decide to subscribe to it.

SMS Marketing

For promoting your app it is also a very simple and useful way like email. You can send reminders, notices, app updates, contacts, and promotions through texting them inbox. You can reach people without any internet connection.

In-APP Purchases

In-app purchases are another source of income.  Maximum apps are free to download but it doesn’t mean users can’t pay money for it.

As an example, there are some gaming apps like Temple Run2, COC, etc are much interesting that players agreed to purchase in-app items. Actually, people agreed to pay to get the best features of the game. And some times people continue purchasing because it helps user to remove advertisements.


So we think this information may catch your attention. So hurry! Start your business now and take advantage of the above information to monetize android app.

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