Getting more visitors to the website is the eventual aim of every business owner. Whether you are a services provider or product retailer, you want potential consumers to visit your digital platform and purchase your services/products. Similarly, eCommerce has gained much popularity lately.

These platforms are like shopping malls to the new age internet users. They can find almost everything they need. With the great demand for an eCommerce platform, it is evident that you would find an extensive range of eCommerce sites these days. As an eCommerce site, you would want to master the game by defeating all your competition.

All you need is high-quality traffic, but how will you get high-quality traffic? The only approach that is going to help is eCommerce SEO. No! Ecommerce is not the same as your regular SEO. The process may become somehow the same, but the objective is always different.

In eCommerce SEO, the ultimate aim is always to make your top SERP when any user finds a product.

What is eCommerce SEO, How Does It Matter To You?

Most of you know that search engine optimization optimizes the digital platform to generate organic traffic for your web portal. Many famous search generators like Google, Yahoo, and Bing need to find top ranks in the search engine result pages if you want more traffic and sales. You need to appear at least in the top ten positions of the SERP ranking.

However, eCommerce SEO is undoubtedly distinct. It is all about making your product page appear on top when any user searches for a relevant product available in your eCommerce portal. You can find many pages competing with you in the search engine result pages. You are required to make sure that you are among the top ten. You should note that the more your rank is, the less traffic you would gain.

How Can You Improve Your eCommerce Website SEO?

Now that you know in detail about eCommerce SEO, you should now focus on the ways that help you improve your Search engine ranks. Here are some tips that will help you improve your SEO.

1. Keyword Research:

It is not surprising whether a regular site or an eCommerce site; keyword research is the primary need for SEO. The keywords, as you know, are the search terms that users use in their search. Google, while crawling on the contents, also finds relevant results based on those keywords. Thus, if you are an eCommerce platform, you need to research the most popular keywords. 

However, finding keywords for eCommerce sites is distinctive from keywords of regular sites. For the eCommerce platform, the keywords are always product-oriented. That means; you need to find keywords like an umbrella for kids, jeans for women, and many more. Moreover, the keywords for eCommerce sites are always commercial keywords that display purchasing intent.

2. Amazon Suggestion Instead of Google Suggestion:

Most of you would know this trick! If you want to find our relevant keywords on your niche or services, you must enter the keyword or a part of it in the Google search box. Then Google, along with the results, will also show you some suggestions at the end of the page. These suggestions are nothing but the most searched terms per Google; You can use them in your content to make it appear on top rank. You can use this trick for an eCommerce site as well. 

However, there is one more exciting way to find keywords for your product page. Being one of the most popular eCommerce sites, Amazon also acts as a search engine for e-commerce buyers. Before buying things, once at least search for the price of a product on Amazon. All these terms that users show get stored by Amazon, and when you search for something in Amazon, it starts suggesting you with autocomplete. You can use the exact keywords for your product page.

3. Structure of Your Site: 

Along with SEO, the site structure also matters to retain the visitors. If you want your visitors to stay on your platform and convert as purchasers, then you need to structure your eCommerce platform precisely. You need to make sure the UI is simple and accessible. With high-quality content and high-quality backlinks, the site structure also matters. To design your site perfectly and for SEO optimization, you can take help from SEO companies Brisbane


Keeping it short, this is all you should know about eCommerce SEO. The precise keyword selection and platform UI will help you gain more traffic. We hope this article about the beginner’s guide to eCommerce SEO is helpful to you. Do share this content on social media if you find it useful to you in any manner.