Are you looking for a safe and comfortable place to swap your BCD to USDT? Most people would choose a BCD to USDT exchange, and it is ok. You can choose a traditional or an instant platform. Both of them have their pros and cons. 

Traditional Exchanges

Traditional exchanges have their own liquidity pulls. So, when you opt for a traditional exchange, you can count on fast swaps, lower fees because such exchanges frequently perform transactions on their platforms without involving liquidity providers. There are numerous crypto trading signal providers, and utmost of them are n’t profitable. But, you must try out this bone they’re pro and have a great command over the trading they know the request trends and everything

The main drawback of traditional services is that they provide the main cryptocurrency pairs only. So, if you want to exchange a rarer coin it might not be supported. Also, a traditional cryptocurrency platform will ask you to register an account and to verify it. 

Instant Exchanges

Instant services have a completely different approach to cryptocurrency transactions. Such platforms pull liquidity from multiple providers. So, you will never suffer delays because of the lack of liquidity. It is obvious though that you have to pay a fee to the liquidity provider. 

Instant exchanges support the majority of cryptocurrencies. So, in most cases, you will find there the coins you would like to transfer.

If you don’t trade fiat money, in most cases, you won’t be asked to register an account. So, your financial and personal information cannot be leaked or stolen, or otherwise misused. it adds an additional security level and makes many users entrust their funds to instant platforms instead of traditional ones. Also, it allows you to trade whenever you decide to do so.

Use an Aggregator

Along with cryptocurrency exchange services, exists one more comfortable opportunity to swap your coins – an aggregator. Alligat0r, for example, offers all the benefits that a cryptocurrency aggregator can offer:

  • It supports not only top cryptocurrency pairs but even the rarest combinations available in the market. So, you can exchange literally any coin or token there.
  • It collaborates with the best platforms only. So, you can count on a safe and reliable service. 
  • It offers you the choice of the best deals found on the available platforms. 
  • The service is very easy to use. All you have to do is to follow step-by-step instructions.
  • A swap takes a couple of seconds, you just provide the needed information, choose the deal, and receive the exchanged coins.
  • The aggregator doesn’t charge fees for its service. You pay just the fee charged by the liquidity provider and the network fee.

All in all, an aggregator is the right service for those who want to get the best offers without spending a lot of time. 

Bottom Line

Now, swapping coins is not an issue at all. You can choose among multiple options. If you are ready to spend a lot of time and effort comparing different platforms, look for the best exchange that will comply with all your requirements. If you want to get the best deal always without excessive effort, we recommend using an aggregator. It is convenient and does all the job for you.