Wifi has helped users a lot by providing the technology of wireless connection from the year 1999 and it is still the best technology to support wireless networking. It has helped us greatly with various matters like connections of multiple devices, surfing the Internet including other relevant tasks.

A Wifi network is very beneficial because it permits users to access network resources from near about any convenient location within the boundary of their primitive networking.

This technology has gotten very much developed with time and this year the release of Wifi 6 is going to take place with the best speed ever.

You are going to get the chance of getting the advantages of 802.11ax wireless standard with the introduction of routers that will support Wifi 6.

Getting Dead Spots? Change the Old Router to a Repeater

But, what about the old routers that you have? Are you having a bunch of difficulties with your old routers for weaker connections and dead spots? Well, this issue is not something uncommon. It is a rare case that a single router is covering up the entire house providing wireless signals.

You may be annoyed with the fact that you cannot use the network to watch YouTube videos or playing games online with full impact. Instead of whining about the issue, you can simply convert your old router into a repeater or an extender. This would help you in getting the wifi data signal out of thin air and retransmit the signal.

Easy, Cheap, and Time-saving

The procedure to change an old router into a repeater is not something you should get tensed about and the reason is that the process is very simple and straightforward.

The cost of carrying out this method is also very less along with the consumption of very less amount of time.

So, it saves both but does not think that you will be getting to face some miracles. What you will get is an inexpensive way to pack your home with wireless data.

How to Use Old Router as Repeater?

Also, if your Internet Service Provider (ISP) has delivered you a brand new router or you decide to update your present router, you might get into the thoughts of what to do with the old router that you have been using since the beginning.

In such a case, you might get a call from the brand to return the old router model. Instead of returning the model you can take advantage of it – use old router as repeater.

You have the option of going for the use of powerline Ethernet adapters but another good choice is to add a second router into the mix.

This actually means connecting the old router with the new wireless network with the use of Wifi signals. Then what it can do is share the gateway to the Wifi network that gives comparatively more coverage.

You might get to experience a few latency problems but this process is one of the best, quickest and also one of the easiest ways to make prominent use of an old router by making an extension of your wireless network.

Building up a wireless network using an old router is very more beneficial than you think. It can give better Wifi access to faraway locations of your house along with letting you stream videos on your phone, tablet, or laptop while hanging out in the garden or on the terrace.

The DD-WRT Firmware

Install the free firmware called DD-WRT on the old router. This is how you can start with the process of making the old router a wireless bridge or a repeater.

This signifies that the devices that cannot make it to your primitive router can receive connection through the old router at any place you keep it.

There are several environments for this particular case but for each and every one of them you will be required to perform the installation of the Linux-based DD-WRT to substitute the default firmware of the old router.

It does not only provide you with more options but also brings a good improvement in the performance. But, there is another method if your old router does not support the DD-WRT firmware.

You can take the choice of buying a used firmware such as the very well-named Linksys WRT54G. This option is comparatively cheaper than going for the DD-WRT firmware.

Let us get into the Method in Details

Do not get worried about the steps by seeing these terms as they may seem a little confusing and a bit complicated but this is not the case in reality. So, let us get to the first process with the installation of DD-WRT.

Installation of the DD-WRT Firmware

Perform a firm reset on the old router you own. You can easily do it by following the set of guidelines on reset in the manual or you can also look for the guidelines online by making a search in Google on (router name) hardware reset.

The next thing you need to do is to make a connection between your computer and the router’s LAN with the help of an Ethernet cable.

Now, you need to open the web browser and in the URL panel, you will have to type Then, you will get to the control panel of DD-WRT.

In case your computer does not use DHCP to get its IP address spontaneously, you will need to fix the IP address to that same subnet.

Change the Wireless Mode

Now, you will need to alter the wireless connectivity mode and to do this you need to go to Wireless followed by Basic Settings.

This is where you will get the instructions. The instructions vary on the basis of the task you are willing to do.

If you are willing to connect wired gadgets such as a television or a gaming console with the old router and then have it wirelessly linked to a modem or other router, you need to pick up “Client Bridge” in the Wireless Mode drop-down.

You need to set the exact same options just like your main router for the network mode, Service Set Identifier (SSID), and Wireless Channel.

You need to choose the ‘Repeater’ option if you desire to use your hoary router for upheaving the range of your wireless network for getting the Wireless Mode.

Now, you will have to enter the SSID of the primitive router and pick up “Bridged” for network connections in the physical interface panel. This shows that the repeater router you are making will receive the wave signals from the current network and remain connected to it.

For getting connected with that router particularly you will get the option of a set of several SSID under the section of the virtual interfaces. Note that you are at a very close distance from it.

The final thing is to click on the Save button followed by hitting on the Apply button.

Next, Set up the Wireless Security

This one is a pretty simple procedure. For either of the options for bridge and repeater, you have the same set of steps.

The first thing is to go to the Wireless option followed by the Wireless Security option. The next task here is to enter the security settings of the principal router.

Last Task: Modifying the IP Address

This is the last and the final step to make use of your old router as a repeater. For the method of changing the IP address, you need to go to the Setup options. From there, you have to go to the Basic Setup section followed by making the change of the IP address.

This is done if you want to remain on the same subnet of the chief router if you are bringing a bridge into being or on a special subset in case you are in a repeater form.

The client bridge instructions for the repeater bridge instructions of the DD-WRT firmware are important if you are looking for extra information that includes tips and tricks, problems along with their solutions.

Also, you will be able to make an inspection to check whether the new set up is operating correctly or not. To do this you need to go to the Status option followed by the Wireless section.

You can plug in the router and the repeater router, go to a place where you were not getting proper Wifi signals and check if your device (phone or laptop) is catching the signals. If yes, then yes, the task was a successful one.


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