Oftentimes, you’ll notice that when you’re surfing or doing something important on the web browser, it decides to close without any notice. It happens accidentally due to many reasons. But when you open the web browser again, the Chrome browser shows an option called “Restore Tabs” This is an option so that you can get back to what you were doing without having to go through history. 

For more information on how to reopen closed window chrome, read the contents below!

More Information on Closed Browser

It is needless to say you can reopen closed window Chrome browser without any hassle. All you’d need to do is, open a new tab and then simply right-click on it. From there, you can choose the second last option called “Reopen closed tab” if you are seeking an answer on how to reopen closed window.

One thing you must bear in mind is that Chrome has a different way of functioning. And that is opening the tabs based on whichever tabs were closed in order. 

How to Open Closed Tab on Google Chrome Browser?

So, “how to reopen a closed tab?” Chrome also has the ability to re-open a closed window. Many users confuse this with “Closed tabs”. Well, both are different. Additionally, Google Chrome also has a different option from where you can re-open a tab that was closed a long time ago. Since the history section that shows upon hovering, does not show the full history of closed tabs, you can do the following steps:

The answer to how to open closed tabs, or “how to open a closed tab?” you’d have to go to the “Menu” at the top right corner of the browser to open closed tabs chrome. Then choose the option called “History” by hovering the mouse on top of it. In the history section, you’ll find records of the tab of previously visited websites. These records are only up to 8 tabs.

You can click on each of the titles of the tab and then it will re-open. If you want to reopen tabs that are old, then you have to go to the “History” section of the Chrome menu and click on it. 

How to Re-Open Closed Browser Window of Google Chrome Browser?

And, “how to reopen a closed window?” This piece of information on chrome reopen closed window is old according to a post, but Google decided to change some aspects of the Google Chrome browser. And, that is the inability to restore the closed tabs. 

That being said, users are pondering over the question of an open recently closed window and whether users can re-open a closed browsing window on Chrome or not. Because there isn’t an option in history as well as the main interface that shows to restore closed browsing windows. 

But however, there is a way to do, which may not be at the tip of the screen. 

  • First, open the Google Chrome browser and using the “Ctrl’ and the “T” key to launch a blank page of tab in the browser. Now here’s what we miss to notice. Go to the bottom section of the new tab open. 
  • You’ll find a menu bar there. Inside the menu bar, you’ll come across a list of all the websites that you have recently visited. Just beside that, on the right, there is an option called “Recently Closed Menu”. 
  • Click on that and then you will be able to restore a closed browser. 

However, in this section, the browsing windows are in the form of the website’s title. If you click on each of them, they will open in a different Chrome browsing window. 

You need to consider that in this section, you’ll get only ten entries of the browser. So it is advisable to open them quickly.