Replacing a SIM card is nothing new. The basic reason is that you might need to switch to better options. However, removing or inserting SIM cards into any smartphone might seem tedious and confusing. If you want to know how to get SIM card out of Samsung Galaxy S7, then this guide is for you.

Once you locate the SIM tray and arrange all the equipment you need, you have to follow the correct guidelines. Whether you have inserted the SIM in an incorrect way, or you need to change the SIM positions on your Samsung Galaxy S7 – knowing the right process is crucial.

Additionally, the guide tells you how to deal with the situation when you have inserted the SIM card without the tray. Let’s get started.

How to Get SIM Card out of Samsung Galaxy S7?

Both the SIM and SD cards are found on the same tray when it comes to the Samsung Galaxy S7. So, you can replace the SD card in the same way you remove or insert the SIM card. 

The SIM tray is located at the top edge of the Samsung Galaxy S7 device. Look out for a thin rectangular-shaped slot accompanied by a small pinhole.

Now, how to get SIM card out of Samsung Galaxy S7? Here’s what you need to follow:

Turn off Samsung Galaxy S7

First, you need to shut down your smartphone or Samsung Galaxy S7. Otherwise, it might damage the internal function of the SIM and the phone. Press and hold the Lock or Wake button to bring up the Power options and go for the ‘Power off’ option. After you have powered off the device, you can proceed to the next step.

Locate the SIM Tray

The SIM tray on Samsung Galaxy S7 resides at the top edge, as stated earlier. You can also check out the user guide to find out its exact location in detail. In addition, you can notice a tiny pinhole just next to the SIM tray or slot.

Get a SIM Ejector

Handling SIM slots or bringing up the SIM tray requires a special tool. You will need a SIM ejector, and it generally comes with any smartphone you purchase these days. Therefore, check out your Samsung Galaxy S7’s box, and there should be a SIM ejector. In case you can’t find a SIM ejector, then you can use a paper clip.

Insert the SIM Ejector

In this step, you need to insert the ejector tool into the pinhole provided beside the SIM slot. Keep the tool perpendicular while inserting it into the pinhole. In addition, notice if you can hear a clicking sound. If yes, then the SIM tray should pop out of the device, and you can remove it from Samsung Galaxy S7.

On the other hand, you need to twist the paperclip to straighten out a side if you don’t have a SIM ejector. Use the straightened-out portion to insert it into the pinhole next to the SIM slot. This should work, and the SIM tray should open up in a while. Pull the tray in the outward direction.

Replace the SIM Card if Necessary

Carefully bring out the existing SIM card from the SIM tray. Now, you can position the new SIM card on the tray with the SIM card’s gold-plated contacts facing downward. Additionally, match the shape of the dedicated area for the SIM card while placing it on the tray. 

Does your Samsung Galaxy S7 have a SIM and also an SD card slot? Then, you might get confused when you are about to place a SIM or SD card. For your convenience, the bigger slot is dedicated to the memory or SD card, whereas the smaller recess is available for the SIM card. 

Insert the SIM Tray Back Once It’s Done

Have you removed the SIM card or replaced it with a new one? If yes, now you need to put the tray back into the slot of the Samsung Galaxy S7. Make sure that you are inserting it back according to its shape. Additionally, push it securely unless it snaps to its position.


You can place or replace a memory card in a way you can handle the SIM card on Samsung Galaxy S7. However, you should always unmount the SD card before you power off and bring out the SIM or SD card tray. This helps you to prevent data loss due to any power outage or physical damage. 

Here’s how you can unmount the SD  card on Samsung Galaxy S7:

  • Navigate to Settings, followed by the Storage option.
  • Next, select the SD Card option by tapping on it.
  • Tap on the Unmount option.

Finally, you can safely unmount the SD card from the slot, as stated before.

How to Get the Stuck SIM out of Your Samsung Galaxy S7 Phone?

You have to proceed with some advanced steps if you have inserted the SIM card without the tray by mistake. Well, this procedure involves removing the back glass of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and getting the SIM card out of the reader. Ensure that you place everything on an anti-static cloth for safety. 

Take a look at the entire procedure in detail:

  • Loose out the adhesive of the back glass using a hot air gun. Increase the temperature to melt down the four sides’ adhesive. Next, utilise a suction cup to lift up the back glass of the device.
  • Next, you need to unscrew the housing panels carefully. Use a spudger to remove those screws easily and access the device’s motherboard.
  • Check if you can see the SIM tray or card reader on the side of the motherboard. After that, you need to get rid of all connectors, such as the screen, camera, ear speaker, etc. Lift the board carefully and disconnect the charge connector.
  • Now, use a screwdriver to pull the SIM card out of the reader. After you have successfully removed the SIM card, you need to reassemble the device. Connect everything back to the motherboard and screw the housing panels.

Finally, you can use industry adhesive to stick the back glass to your Samsung Galaxy S7.

Wrapping up…

Be gentle while handling the SIM tray, as it’s quite delicate. On the other hand, you should contact a professional if you don’t feel confident about bringing out the stuck SIM or SD card from the device. It might damage your Samsung Galaxy S7 further if you don’t use the right tools. Hopefully, the guide was helpful about how to get SIM out of Samsung Galaxy S7.