Running two computers in one monitor simultaneously can improve your productivity. Users can browse from one PC and edit the documents or videos from the other one. However, the problem is that two monitors consume a lot of space on the office desk. The easiest way to solve the problem is to use two PCs with one monitor.

Connecting two computers with one monitor is pretty easy. However, you must check certain factors before using these devices. Ensure the monitor is compatible with the primary and secondary computers. Verify if the monitor has the required number of ports to connect both computers. 

You must have input cables to establish a secure connection between the monitor and the PCs. Check whether there is any wear and tear in the monitor cables. If you detect any sign of damage, consider replacing the faulty cables with new ones.

Now, let’s get to know the possible way to connect two computers one monitor:

1. Using Multiple Display Ports

The latest monitors have multiple display ports which can be used to connect two computers. However, you need different display cables to run the computers with one monitor. First, assemble two display cables for each PC. Ensure the display cables are compatible with the Windows computer.

Determine the type of display port the two computers have. The advanced PCs have an HDMI port. However, you may find a DVI or VGA port in the old PC models. For instance, the Asus computer has two HDMI and a VGA port. Whereas, Dell computers have only one HDMI port to connect a monitor.

Connect the two computers and monitor via the display cable. Be sure that the display cable is securely plugged into the correct PC port. Turn on the monitor and the computer after connecting them. Change the display input mode and work on both devices at the same time.

What is the drawback of Two Computers One Monitor using Display Ports?

Well, you can’t use a mouse and keyboard to control two computers simultaneously. Users need two separate sets of mouse and keyboards to access the devices. Thus, you will need to plug in and out the keyboard and mouse into the PCs. Otherwise, you can use two mice and a keyboard for each computer after connecting the monitor.

Disconnecting and reconnecting the keyboard and mouse from the computers can be daunting. Moreover, purchasing multiple sets of keyboards and a mouse can be expensive. Thus, if you rarely use two computers one monitor, avoid using the display ports.

2. Use a Compatible KVM Switch

A KVM switch is a device that allows users to connect multiple computers with monitors. Besides, you can connect one or more sets of keyboards and a mouse using this device. 

Buy the right KVM switch for the two computers and monitor. Then, follow these steps to connect two computers one monitor easily:

  • Turn off the two computers that you want to connect the monitor with.
  • Place the KVM switch close to the PCs and attach a power adapter.
  • Plugin the monitor’s video cables into the KVM switch video port.
  • Press the primary computer’s “power’ button after 2-3 minutes.
  • Turn on the secondary mouse and check if they are working.
  • Connect the mouse and keyboard to the KVM switch’s PS2 or USB port.
  • Locate “Port 1” and connect the PC1 video to the switch.
  • Connect the PS2 or USB cables from PC1 to “PS2” to “USB” ports.
  • Turn on the PC1 to load the primary computer’s operating system.

Check whether you can use the keyboard and mouse via the PC1 connection. If yes, connect the secondary PC’s mouse and keyboard to the USB port. Plugin the video cable into the KVM switch’s “PC2 ” port. 

Attach the USB cable to the correct port on the KVM. Turn on the secondary computer and check if you use the keyboard or mouse. 

Did you see a black screen after turning on the computers? You might not have connected the video or display cables to the right port. Plugin the monitor cables into the correct port to avoid further interruption.

3. Via a Software Application

Connecting two computers one monitor can be nerve-wracking using multiple cables. You might often experience connectivity issues when these cables become loose. Thus, you might be trying to find an alternate option to run two PCs with one monitor simultaneously. There are several software-based apps which can solve this problem.

The KVM software allows users to control and manage two PCs from one place, using one mouse and keyboard. If you don’t have multiple display ports, there is nothing to worry about. You can connect the computers with a monitor using these KVM applications. However, ensure there is sufficient storage in the device before installing the software. 

Here is the best KVM software which can be used to connect 2 PCs with one monitor:

  • Microsoft Garage Mouse without Borders
  • Synergy
  • Sharemouse
  • Stardock Multiplicity
  • Input Director

Factors to Consider before Choosing a KVM Software

Windows PC users must check a few things to get the right KVM software. The application must be compatible with the recent operating system. Verify whether the software can help you to connect the monitor to two computers. 

The KVM software must be cloud-based. All you need is a stable internet connection to control the two computers and one monitor. So, choose a free or paid KVM software and perform the impromptu office work on two computers.

4. Using Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft allows Windows PC users to connect multiple computers simultaneously. Ensure the primary and remote computer is on and ready to be reconnected. Press the Windows, and I keys together to access the Settings window. 

Scroll down to “System” and select “Remote Desktop” afterwards. Toggle on the “Remote Desktop” option and click “Confirm”. Go to “PC name” and note down the name of the PC. Press the Windows and S keys together and write “Remote Desktop”. 

Choose “Remote Desktop Connection” from the searched results. Enter the name of the PC that you want to connect to when prompted. Choose “Connect” and you can use two computers from one monitor. 

Failed to Connect Two Computers with One Monitor? How to Fix it

A faulty monitor can prevent you from connecting two computers with it. Thus, you must check whether there is any sign of damage on the monitor. If yes, consider replacing the existing monitor with a new one. 

Additionally, poor connection quality can generate issues when connecting two PCs. Be aware of connecting the computers with a stable Wi-Fi connection. Physical proximity is necessary to establish a connection between PCs and a monitor. Try to keep the devices close to the monitor to avoid connection failures.