The latest DVRs allow the users to access the Fox network. But, sometimes, the Fox channels might not appear even when connected to the TV. Try to turn on and off the DVR and check if the error is solved. Are the channels DVR Fox missing? Then, the problem might be in the recorder. 

A malfunctioned DVR recorder fails to display all the channels. And, you need to replace it with a new one to watch movies or news on the Fox network. A poor signal may also trigger this problem in the DVRs. Did you remove the Fox channels from the device? It might be a reason why the channels are missing from the DVR.

A faulty power cable can prevent you from accessing your favorite channels. Thus, check the TV and the DVR’s power cables. Disconnect and reconnect the cables and turn on the DVR. Head to the menu and check if you can find the Fox channels.

Why Do Fox Channels Disappear from the DVRs?

If only the Fox channels are missing, then the error occurs due to a faulty coaxial cable. Damaged TV antennas can also block the DVR from connecting to the Fox network. Moreover, you can encounter this problem with outdated TV firmware. There is also a high possibility that the TV is incompatible with the DVR.

The DVR can’t show the Fox channels when there is an outage. Open a web browser and access the Fox network site to find out when they will solve the problem. Did you sign out from the DVR account? This is why you are facing problems getting the Fox channels. Login to the account, add the Fox network and enjoy the latest TV series.

Easy Fixes for the Channels DVR Fox Missing Issue

Suppose you turn on the TV to check the latest news on the Fox News channel and find out the channel isn’t there. It might occur if you have removed the Fox network from the TV package.  

Did you recently request the cable TV provider to add the channel? Then, you can’t access the Fox channels right now. It takes up to 24-72 hours to include a new Fox channel in the TV package. Additionally, the DVR users need to check whether the “Parental Control” feature is on.

Disable the “Parental Control” feature to remove “Fox” from the restricted channels. However, if the Fox channels are still missing, follow these solutions:

1. Check the DVR and TV’s Power Cords

The DVR users need to ensure all the power cables are plugged in correctly. Additionally, you should check whether the cords are connected to the power strip. Verify that the power strip is plugged in and in the “ON” position. If the strip is off, then DVR can’t connect to the Fox network. 

Moreover, you need to check whether the power outlet is on. Remove the power cables from the wall outlet. Wait for at least 10-15 minutes and reconnect it to the power outlet. Turn on the outlet’s switch, DVR and the TV. Can you see the Fox channels now? Then, the power outlet might have stopped functioning. 

Thus, the DVR owners need to repair the wall outlet to fix the problem. Besides, a faulty remote control battery can also generate this connectivity issue on DVRs. Change the remote battery and access the Fox channels without hassle. 

Are the channels DVR Fox missing issues still there? Then, check the television set or cable box. Replace them if you notice any sign of damage. 

2. Ensure the Correct Input is Selected

An incorrect input mode in the TV can cause this problem. Thus, check whether the right input mode is selected. Otherwise, you won’t be able to access the Fox channels. 

Did you recently connect the smart TV to a gaming console? Then, there is a high possibility that the input mode is set as “HDMI”.

You can’t access the Fox network in this input mode. The DVR only shows this channel in the “TV” mode. Thus, press the remote control’s “Input” or “Mode” button to change the smart TV’s mode. However, you might not find this button in the latest TV remotes. Search for the “TV/Video or “Source” button to change the TV’s input mode. Turn off the DVR and when it’s restaurants, you can find the Fox network. 

3. Reboot the Cable and DVR Box

Rebooting the cable and DVR box might solve this issue. Many think the DVR reset and reboot are similar, but these two processes work differently. When you reboot a DVR or cable box, it won’t remove the existing data. However, you will lose the data after resetting the recorder or cable box.

Find and press the DVR’s power button for a few seconds. And, when it turns off, unplug the power cable from the DVR box’s port. Now, it’s time to power off the TV’s cable box. Press its power button for 10 seconds and disconnect its power cable afterwards. 

Wait for at least 2-3 minutes, and then reconnect the DVR’s cable. Additionally, you need to plug in the cable box’s power cables. Turn on the DVR and cable box and check if you find the Fox channels. Apply the next solution if the connectivity issue persists.

4. Check for the Signal Interference

Signal interference from another power source can prevent the DVR from connecting to the Fox network. Thus, ensure there are no high-powered devices near the device. Remove them immediately so that they won’t further create obstruction. Furthermore, you can change the DVR’s location to resolve this signal problem. 

Lastly, Reset the DVR Box…

Regardless of what TV provider you subscribe to, you will eventually encounter signal issues. As a result, it will restrict you from accessing the Fox channels. Reset the device in certain instances to overcome the problem. Turn off the DVR box and unplug its power cables.

Locate the “Factory Reset” button and press it for 4-5 seconds. Release the DVR’s reset button when you hear a beep sound. It indicates that the DVR box has restored its default factory setting. Turn on the device after a few seconds, and you can find the missing Fox channels.