Consumer Caller offers a highly affordable cellular service aimed at people over 50 years of age. But, almost anyone can use this cellular service if it suits their needs. So, you must make sure whether the features that it offers are enough for your requirements. If it is, then you can proceed with ordering a Cellular Consumer phone if you have not already. 

Activating your new Consumer Caller cell phone is not a complicated task at all. But, the information given below should help you know how to activate a new phone on Consumer Cellular. So, read to know what you need and how to proceed. 

What do You Need for Activating Your New Consumer Cellular Phone?

You obviously need a phone and a SIM card for activating your new Consumer Cellular phone. Apart from that, you would also need your Consumer Cellular activation code. 

Do you have a Consumer Cellular ID? If not, then you need to create one before you can proceed. Otherwise, you can proceed with the activation if you have sorted all of the above requirements. 

How to Activate a New Phone on Consumer Cellular?

You can simply proceed with online activation if you prefer so. Apart from that, you can also proceed by calling Consumer Cellular. However, you need to activate the SIM if you are using a new one. 

Do you prefer visiting a service center to complete the activation procedure? Then, that option is available as well, but not all of these activation options are available in every case. 

Here is how to proceed with the various activation methods for a new Cellular Consumer phone:

Activate Your New Consumer Cellular Phone Online

Are you transferring your old SIM into a Consumer Cellular device? Then, you can proceed with online activation. Open your browser and visit the official Consumer Cellular website. Click on My Account first and then on ‘Activate Your Equipment’. This will bring up some instructions you must follow to complete the procedure. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your Consumer Cellular activation procedure. 

Are you going to enter a new SIM into your Consumer Cellular phone? Then, the online activation procedure is not available for you. 

Visit a Consumer Cellular Service Center for Activation

As mentioned earlier, people with new SIM cards cannot proceed with the online activation. Instead, they must visit the Consumer Cellular service center. In other words, this is the only way to complete the activation if you have a new SIM. Otherwise, you can easily get it done online or over the phone. 

You should find multiple Consumer Cellular service centers near your location. Go to the nearest one along with the necessary requirements mentioned earlier. You should find the activation number on the box of the phone. Show it to the service center for proceeding with the activation. 

You also need to provide your ID for completing the activation in the service center. Wait for the device activation to complete before making your first call with it. 

Proceed with the Activation Over the Phone

You might face some difficulties during the activation or might have some confusions. Proceeding with an over-the-phone activation procedure might be better in such cases. And, that way, you do not have to figure out what you need to do all by yourself. Also, this would prevent the need to visit a service center for activation. 

Since you need an activated SIM for this method, you cannot proceed with it using a new SIM. Do you have an active SIM in your Consumer Cellular phone? Then, dial the Consumer Cellular customer service whenever you are ready to start the activation procedure. You will receive instructions on how to complete the activation procedure. All you need to do is follow them correctly to complete the process. 

Does the Activation Cost Money?

In case you are wondering, the Consumer Cellular new phone activation does not cost money. Consumer Cellular aims to reduce all your cellular services costs as mentioned earlier. So, they charge you a comparably lower amount for cellular services than others. Not only that, but they perform the activation for free. 

How to Switch Your Carrier to Consumer Cellular?

You need not necessarily buy a Consumer Cellular cell phone. Do you prefer to switch to Consumer Cellular as your carrier while using your old phone? Then, you simply need to order a SIM. You can visit the official website of Consumer Cellular to do that. Apart from that, you can call customer support or visit a service center to get a new SIM.  

You also need to choose the Talk and Connect Plan that best suits your requirements. Simply remove the older SIM from your phone and enter the new one. You can then start using the Consumer Cellular service on your device.  

What does Consumer Cellular have to Offer You?

There are various viable cellular services to choose from. So, why must you choose Consumer Cellular? The biggest reason to do so for many people would be the low prices. Especially so, if they are looking to reduce their spending on cellular services. However, the Consumer Cellular services might be unsuitable for people with over a specific amount of data usage needs. 

Consumer Cellular also does not does not make it compulsory to stick to a specific service plan. Instead, you can change the plan anytime based on your requirements. Most importantly, Consumer Cellular has a good reputation when it comes to the quality of service. They have been providing affordable cellular services for over two decades. So, they also have the experience that backs up their reliability. 

Check Out Consumer Cellular Monthly Plans Online

Have you considered switching your cell phone carrier Consumer Cellular? Then, the aforementioned information should provide all the help you need with that. You must also find a perfect monthly plan for your requirements. Visit the official Consumer Cellular website to check out and buy their range of monthly plans.