Google Android OS is powerful, as well as very much user-friendly. Its ease of use helps you to stay connected with your dear ones over the voice and video calls. In addition to that, you can also entertain yourself via social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and other applications. 

With the help of your Android mobile phone, you can do so much more. Before that, you have to understand the activity that you are doing with your phone. In case you face any issues, you can contact the mobile repair Dubai tech expert team for assistance. 

Types of Android Phone 

There are two types of Android OS powered mobile phones. One is stock android, and the other is a customized android. Stock android is the version that comes directly from Google without any type of intervention. You will get the rich taste of the original Android OS. 

The customized android is the revised version. The mobile brand that you own adds some of their official features to the OS and then completes it accordingly. The performance and ease of use are entirely different from each other.  Avail most recommended Mobile repair services in dubai.

Several Smart Ways to use your Android phone

There are various ways in which you can use your mobile phone. But first, you have to understand the methods that can be beneficial to you. So, let’s not waste time and check them out accordingly. 

Make a portable security camera

If your mobile phone has a good camera, then apart from taking pictures and recording videos, you can use them as security purposes. Just download any secured security camera application from the Playstore and install it. 

After that, open the application and connect the device to your computer. In this way, you don’t have to stay with your phone and witness what is going on on the other side of the camera. 

Entertainment On-the-Go

Watching movies and TV shows are one of the easiest ways to pass your leisure time. So, it is not at all necessary to buy large size memory cards and store the data there. OTG (On-The-Go) flash drivers are readily available. Get one of them, and you can store your necessary files. Before buying an OTG drive, make sure that you check the port type. 

If your phone has a type B port, then obviously you have to buy a type B storage drive. Or, if your device has a type C port, then buy a type C drive respectively. In addition to that, check out the specifications of your mobile phone and make sure that the device supports OTG. If any problem occurs with the flash drive, the experts of mobile repair Dubai will solve it with ease. 

Business Purposes

If your earning stream is your own business, then your android mobile phone can be a good utility. Several financial applications in the Play Store will help you to enhance your business. In addition to that, you can also calculate the interest of loans that you have taken for your business. 

Take care of your Mobile Assets

Here, mobile assets mean those assets that move from one place to another. You can diagnose your car with the help of your android mobile phone. There are several applications in the Playstore. Check good ratings and reviews and then download, install it. 

Then, connect the device to your car, and the app will show all the detailed diagnostics of your car engine and other mechanical parts. This will help you to decide whether your car will need servicing or not. 

The Mobile Adventure 

When you are planning on going mountain trekking, one of the most important things that you need is a compass. The physical compass sometimes shows the wrong direction. Furthermore, it can also get damaged or lost somehow. That is why there are compass applications ready for you in the Playstore. Just download it and get your adventure on the run. 

Voice Search

Google’s voice assistant is very much useful. You might not want to type all of your queries all the time. So, in case of that, just speak to the AI speech recognition software that is dedicated to solving all your queries. Open up your queries and the voice assistant will show you the results. 

Summing Up…

Obviously, you must take the help of the mobile repair Dubai experts, if there is an error. Make sure that you keep a close on your device to avoid any data theft. After a problem-solving session, make sure that your device is running absolutely fine and free from any kind of issue.