A laptop is much more essential than that of your mobile phone. Somehow, if you witness that your system is slowing down right after starting or stops working all of a sudden, then it is indeed frustrating. In addition to that, it will also create a barrier to your work. 

Rather than a slow system, there are also many symptoms like HDD crash, blue screen death, and many more. Moreover, your mic, speakers, and other hardware items can also stop working. So, due to these reasons, you have to upgrade your laptop. 

Reasons for Laptop Upgrade 

Here are some of the most important reasons that will help you to understand why you must get a new laptop. Or, if you want to exchange the old one. Now, let’s check the reasons in every other detail. 

1. Your laptop is Ageing 

If you bought your laptop a couple of years ago, it is not at all a matter of astonishment to face such issues. The main reason is that technology is upgrading itself every minute. So, your gadget is now old and outdated.

The work that you are doing on your laptop requires more advanced technology than that of what you have right now. In order to know more about a new laptop, seek help from the experts of laptop repair Dubai. 

2. Lack of CPU Speed

When the laptop’s CPU is slowing down, there might be many reasons behind it. Your hard disk drive might be full, too many applications are running in the background and many more. After examining the entire situation, when you understand that all is well, then you should upgrade the laptop instead of buying a new one. This is just because the CPU performance slows down as time passes. Gradually, due to ageing, it takes some more time to execute the tasks. That is why you need to get an update as soon as possible. 

3. Aged Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

The hard-disk drive holds the OS files and the other vital data. As the laptop gets old, the disk drive also gets old too. So, gradually the sectors in the drive lose their tempo to hold data. As a result, your system can crash unexpectedly. 

Moreover, your vital data also deletes itself for no reason. If you face this kind of issue, then the laptop repair Dubai team of experts will run some tests on your hard disk. After that, you will get back the data and valuable information regarding the upgrade of your laptop. 

4. Upgrade your Outdated OS

Most of the recent applications work well on Windows 10. If you are using the previous versions like Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or others, then you must install the latest OS version. One thing you have to keep in mind that if your laptop is quite old, then the base of the motherboard will never support Windows 10. In this case, you can’t do anything but to upgrade your laptop. 

5. Get a good Battery Life 

The capacity of your laptop battery gradually decreases as you keep on working with your system for a long period of time. In order to test the condition of your laptop battery, the professionals of laptop repair Dubai will help you. 

They will tell you whether you should get a new battery or change the entire system. Several tech experts suggest that it is better to change the entire system rather than changing the battery several times. 

6. Good Storage Facility 

If your laptop is a couple of years old, then indeed it has a normal HDD. Nowadays, all the latest laptops have SSD (Solid State Drive). It is fast in data transfer, boot time, and low power usage. So, ask the professionals of laptop repair Dubai whether you can fix an SSD in your old laptop. Well, the possibility is very low. That is why you have to get a new system for a better workplace. 

7. Catchy Design and Light in Weight

Most of the recent laptops are slim and attractive in terms of design. In addition to that, the weight is very light so that you can carry it. Previously, most of the systems were quite heavy, and it was hard for you to transport. Check on the internet and also seek help from the professionals about the details. Then, analyze your preference to come to a conclusion about buying.


It is not mandatory that you have to listen and follow what the experts say. On the other hand, you have to understand that they are giving you advice, not orders. So, don’t listen to them blindly. Study and observe the configuration of the recent laptops and try to match the compatibility of your work. If it works well, then just go for it right away.