Writing has become a typical task for most people. It could be students who write many pages for completing different school projects. It might be part of your job that your company requires you to do, such as writing reports, emails, and other paperwork. Some people also used to write as one of their hobbies before, such as writing poems, songs, short stories, novels, and many others. 

However, as years passed by, writing has become a lucrative job that many people make a living. It could be blog writing, lead generation writing, advertising copywriting, social media writing, and many others. If you possess the necessary writing skills, it might be time for you to consider changing your career path.

Besides the necessary writing skills, you should also be equipped with knowledge about using different helpful writing tools. You might have experienced writing when you feel not confident that you’ve applied all grammar rules, observed the verb tenses’ consistency, and used the most appropriate words. 

Hence, these writing tools online will significantly help you boost your confidence as a writer by producing quality outputs. Read the different online writing tools below that all aspiring writers should start using. 

Character Counter Tool

The character counter is one of the useful online tools for writers. The social media writers mostly use this tool in their job. Their task includes managing the companies’ social media accounts in keeping an engagement with their clients or customers, and the public. It also includes promoting different products and services online by writing promotional articles. 

However, most people tend not to read long written content on social media. They usually find verbose posts boring and bland. Hence, the character counter tool will help these social media writers streamline their post content online. It ensures that many people will take time to notice and read a social media post. The written content must stay within the preferred character count limit and make it short and sweet. 

The tool includes a character counter with spaces and without space. It also has character counters for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If you become a social media writer, be familiar with the character count tool for your online posts.


Grammarly is one of the necessary online tools for writers. It’s an online application that’s powered by Artificial Intelligence. It aims to help writers produce quality outputs by observing Grammar rules, such as subject-verb agreement, consistent verb tenses, correct usage of modifiers, utilization of words, and other important grammar details. 

Many experienced writers use Grammarly to help them find even the smallest details of grammar errors or incorrectness. Hence, everything will be corrected and polished before officially publishing the written article. If you’re an aspiring writer, try including Grammarly in your list of online tools that you should start using. 


A person’s expression of original ideas or concepts is considered being his or her intellectual property. It has the same idea with inventions that whatever you’ve created; you have its own legal rights. Hence, if people are using your ideas like theirs without giving you credit, it’s called plagiarism. It’s stealing, and it’s against the law.

Because of this, Copyscape has been made available online to help writers avoid committing this mistake in writing. Copyscape is an online writing tool that will help writers against any threat of plagiarism. That’s why if you want to be a writer, don’t forget to add Copyscape in your list of online writing tools.

Cliché Finder

Some writers have the freedom to write anything as long as they achieve their writing objectives. However, some of them use clichés and other terminologies that not everyone can understand. There’s nothing wrong with this way of creating any written outputs. 

However, when you aim to reach a wide range of audience to fully comprehend the ideas you want to convey, it’ll be better to use simple and comprehensible words that even elementary graders can understand. That’s why Cliché Finder is made available online to solve this writing issue. 

Cliché Finder is an online tool that will help you check your writings if they contain hifalutin words or jargon. This way, you would know that your written articles need revisions to supply easy-to-understand words and eliminate terminologies that only a few people can understand. Hence, you can have your written outputs checked if they’ve reached a particular level of understandability to your massive readers. 


Writing is fun, and if you want it to be your career, possess the necessary writing skills. Besides that, you should also be equipped with different writing tools online to help you produce outputs with quality. Hence, keep in mind the list of online writing tools discussed above as they are of great help for you to start your career as a writer. They will be of great help for all your writing needs.