It’s interesting to look back at your first vape device and compare it to a modern vape pen. As with mobile phones, technology advanced rapidly in a short few years, changing the face of the vaping market completely. Your newest vape device more than likely features adjustable voltage, for example, something that was static in the early devices.

There is also a lot of jargon in the vaping world. For example, there’s a vape pen and a dab pen, and while similar they may in fact serve a different purpose to each other. Then there’s one phrase that has become ubiquitous in vaping: the 510-thread battery. What’s it all about, and why is this the battery to have powering your vape device.

That’s what we’re going to be looking at in this article, so let’s talk first about what a 510-thread battery is, and then we’ll have a look why it has monopolized the vape industry.

What is a 510 Thread Battery?

There are in fact many different types of battery that come under the heading, each of which is designed for use with a particular type of device. For example here are more types of 510 batteries for vape carts that should give you a better idea.

So, what is the 510-thread battery? It is a type of battery that powers a vape pen or other device that features a ‘510-thread.’ This is the thread that screws the battery into place in the device. This thread is also used for other parts of the vape device including the cartridge. That the use of this thread makes these parts interchangeable lends a clue to why the 510-thead battery has become popular.

Why Has the 510 Thread Become an Industry Standard?

There is a good reason why 510 thread has become standard throughout the vaping industry, and it has a historical beginning. The first vape devices to become commercially available came from a few different manufacturers. Each had its own idea and used different components. These early devices were simple, and had one voltage setting.

Users, however, began experimenting and found that cannabis could be made to taste different and provide a stronger hit if the voltage was varied slightly in one way or the other. Manufacturers recognized this and began selling vape devices with variable voltage. The battery manufacturers also saw potential in selling batteries with variable voltage that users could upgrade to.

What they needed to make this successful was a screw in thread that would be universal to all manufacturers, so the 510-thread was chosen. It is also used for the cartridge, the mouthpiece, and other parts of the device that may be unscrewed for cleaning or for updating.

Do I Need a 510 Thread Vape Pen?

There is no doubt that if you are entering the vaping world you should buy a vape pen with a 510 thread battery as this will put you in line with all other users. It will enable you to replace your battery, for example, with a more powerful or sophisticated example, and that’s just one benefit of the 510-thread popularity. In fact, it will be difficult to find a vape pen that does not come 510-thread equipped as it has become very much an industry standard across vape device manufacturers.

If you need more help in understanding the different types of vape devices that you can buy, we suggest you talk to a reputable retailer who will be more than happy to recommend one within your budget and help you get the best for your money.