Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, 21% of USA residents were teleworking in March 2021, according to The Atlantic, and those who continue to work from home will benefit from revamping their dated home office spaces. If you decide to refresh your home office, you may find that its new look and feel gives you a lift and makes it easier for you to be productive. These tips will help you to give your out of date home office a makeover in no time flat, without busting your budget.

Add Modern Art and Tech to the Mix

One quick fix for a dated workspace is modern art, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Cheaper prints of wonderful paintings are available, framed or unframed. Since modern art, which can be abstract or realistic, is so contemporary, it will bring a sense of newness to a home office. 15% of the world art market is currently contemporary art sales, according to Art Price. If you don’t want to hang art, you can add modern office decor in other ways, such as sculptural pencil holders and vases. Modern tech, such as laptops, assistive technology devices that facilitate work, and Bluetooth speakers will make a space more contemporary instantly.

Use Light Colors to Visually Enlarge the Space

Dark colors, such as burgundy, charcoal and navy blue, can look dated. A jolt of pale color will create a winning home office space while also making a room (or a part of a room) appear larger. White and light beige are good choices, but you won’t be limited to those popular hues. You can play with color by choosing pastels, from soothing baby blue to muted mint green and beyond. To give a space even more visual impact, go for a two-toned paint job by combining a couple of pastels or neutrals. You can also mix pastels and neutrals. For example, one wall might be painted pale blue, while another is painted beige. A coat of paint won’t break the bank, but it will offer significant payoff in terms of making your workspace look bigger and fresher.

Remove Clutter for a Minimalist Effect

Clutter creates a chaotic space which is the opposite of a modern and serene environment. When you de-clutter your home office, you will find that it feels more current. You may also find that you’re more productive, as there is a link between procrastination and clutter, according to a study published in the Current Psychology journal. Gather clutter into three piles: one can be a pile to donate, another can be a pile to throw out, and the last can be a pile with items that you want to keep. Once you streamline your office gear, you’ll notice that your home workspace feels bigger, cleaner and more inviting.

Now that you know three easy ways to modernize your home office, without needing to spend a lot of money, you’ll be ready to make positive changes. In some cases, it’s possible to create a totally different effect in just one day, or even a few hours. When you use all three of these tips, you’ll find that you see dramatic improvements that make your workspace a more welcoming place.