Are you an avid player of Scrabble, Words With Friends, Word Jumble, or any other word puzzle game? Then, you know how challenging it is sometimes to unscramble confusing words to create engaging, meaningful ones.

Of course, any game that brings friends together or creates a pleasant and atmospheric environment where strangers become acquainted is one of our free-time activities. And one example of these games is word games. Firstly, they can be played by anyone without preparation or reading a lot of thematic guides or literature (although, of course, being well-read as a skill would not be a bad thing). Secondly, it’s amusing because everyone sees different words and uses various tactics to decipher them. And finally, playing word games enriches your vocabulary and increases the chance of becoming the leader in the next game because you already know more words. But as with any game, sometimes there can be challenging and seemingly hopeless situations.

If a game gets complicated, it doesn’t mean you have to give up, and there’s no way out. There is always a way out. In this article, I’ll show you the ways of word jumble solving and give you tips on getting out of a tight spot: use a descrambler words tool (so-called Word Descrambler), tricky ways, or some more methods of word descrambling.

4 Ways of words descrambling

Stuck trying to descramble a word? Get some tips:

  • Explore small parts

Firstly, you may look into jumbled letters in detail and highlight frequently used letter pairs: ph, ch, sh, etc., that may form a future meaningful word.

Secondly, pay attention to suffixes & prefixes. For example, look for -un, -non, or -er, -ing, -ed, etc. that are the most used parts of a word.

Thirdly, try to indicate short-length words that consist of 1-3 letters as sometimes you have not a scrambled word but a sentence. So, it can be articles, prepositions, pronouns, etc.

  • Resort to a tricky strategy

After using traditional methods, you can also use unconventional ones. For example, you can trust your visual faculties. If you are playing a board game, you can try to shuffle the tiles on the board and thus visually build a picture that turns into a valid word.

Besides, you may make a list of vowels and consonants and then combine consonants with vowels to get parts of a word and then get the whole word.

Even if you’re stumped, mix the letters, and something will come up after a while. Yes, this is the most widely-used way, but at the same time, it is also quite time-consuming. Nevertheless, if there is nothing left, why not use this method?

ProTip: while combining different letters, try to highlight vowels first and put consonants to them.

  • Unstuck strategy

Here is another way to get out of a jam: if there is an “s” among the letters, it is likely to be at the end of a word (plural nouns).

Moreover, don’t forget that you may enlist the help of a friend and ask him for clues. Perhaps he or she will take a fresh look and makeup words from the letters at once.

  • Descrambler words usage

If you have used all the tactics to “untangle” the letters, but the results are not entirely successful in the end, there is another way using third-party tools. Such tools are called word descramblers. They are available in an online mode and don’t need any registration or installation on your device.

To access such word jumble solving tools, go to your browser, type in a search field “word descrambler”, and open a page of a tool you desire more. Then insert scramble letters and wait for a second to get all possible valid words. You can even insert spaces between letters or adjust filters to get certain words or their combinations. 

ProTip: if you try a descrambler during the game, it is advisable to agree on this in advance with the participants to keep things fair.

Wrapping it up: Tips

  • Common patterns are the first way to start this fascinating word-guessing story. Try to earmark “th”, “ch”, “ph”, etc;
  • It’s advisable to pay attention to prefixes and suffixes that are, in most cases, valuable tips;
  • Start small to achieve great things: look for short words or part of a long word and then add other letters to get a final word;
  • Don’t ignore the shuffle method of words creation: mix the letters, and you’re bound to come across the right word;
  • Keep in mind plurals words and highlights “S” letter that is in most cases can be at the end of a word and significant a plural noun;
  • Use your visual skills or ask a friend for help who can resolve the whole situation with fresh eyes;
  • In the most difficult situations, a special online descrambler words service will do all the work for you and quickly untangle the letters into the right words.