A router is a very common term as it has become a very important gadget to create a wireless network in houses, office buildings, schools, and even railway stations.

It is a physical device that carries information between two or more than two computer networks. It scrutinizes the terminus IP address (Internet Protocol address) of a given data package.

It computes the best path for it to reach the destination it is aiming at and correspondingly carry it forward. This device is a gateway that is located where two or more networks meet at every preference point on the Internet.

Well, keeping that aside we should now head in with the stuff that we are here to let you know about. There are some amazing router security settings that will let you enjoy the perks of the Internet faster with a more powerful security system.

Slow Wifi – The Most bothersome Issue

Slow wifi is something that annoys us the most. A page will not load in time, the email will take time to get refreshed, your movie gets frozen at the most important scene, an application might get stuck right the point of completion of the download.

These problems are something that stays for a very long time, till the time the problems are getting resolved. The cause of all these issues might be the router itself. This is the reason it needs some changes so that you can easily get rid of such problems.

The router you own is not just a little box with one or two antennas that provide a wireless connection. It is something more than that. But, if you dive deep into the settings of the device and make some modifications, it’s your profit.

Also, the processes, rather the tricks, are not that difficult to operate. This article will be a good source of a few quick tips and tricks of router settings for faster Internet.

But, before you get into the process you need to do certain things. You need to get into the administration console of your router.

This is something that just sounds complicated but not so. To get into the console you have to be sure about the thing that your device is connected well with the router’s IP address.

Once you get to know the number (the router’s address), enter the IP address of the router into your browser. The browser will ask you the username and the password. Change the login info as there are chances that somebody else is using your data without letting you know and that can be a reason for which your router is serving slow services.

6 Amazing Tricks: Internet Speed at the Top with Proper Security

Now is the time to get into the tricks. You will get to see two heads that say ‘Wireless Settings ‘ and ‘Advanced Wireless Settings’ respectively. This is where everything takes place. Now, let us dive in.

Alteration of Channels

If your router is new, then you might find this process way easier than that in an old router. The wireless can be set to auto. But, if you are looking for increasing the speed of the router and the stability, you can tune the wireless channel to something determined.

There are many free tools available on the Internet to do this process with much ease. There are different applications for different operating systems like Windows and Android. Have a look at the channels that are the busiest in your home.

This will surely give you some conception about which to switch to the next. If your router does the required task, then you do need to perform any sort of configuration on your router.

Make Certain Devices – The Most Prior

In case your router has many advanced features and newer functions, you will surely get to find some options that would offer some particular applications or devices VIP service.

It will avail them more bandwidth to play around with. You will get to see that you can play online games faster and without getting hanged somewhere in the middle. Or, it can also be very useful when you are watching a movie or any high-resolution video on YouTube online.

This is very commonly known as QoS which is short for Quality of Service or WMM which is short for Wifi Multimedia. Different routers take different paths to carry on this process.

Update the Firmware

Updating the firmware is not exactly the same as the one in iOS 8 or iOS 9 but it can give you a clear idea about upgrading the firmware on your router.

The manufacturers of the routers bring up the firmware update on a regular basis. It is inclusive if bug fixation and security patches. This helps the routers to uplift the level of compatibility with the devices that are getting released a the present times.

It will also improve the affinity with newer standards. You will get access to upgrade the firmware of your router from the official website of the brand of the router.

Go to the support section of the site and you will get newer firmware. Also, the site offers a set of detailed instructions that will help you to upgrade the firmware. Generally, the firmware update file comes in .zip format.

Make your Router a Secure Device

Security is very important, rather the most important parameter you need to keep in mind while maintaining any device. Security is a must for mobile phones, computers, any relevant device, and here, in this case, a router too.

The security of your router can be highly responsible for the connectivity of your router. If your network is Open or is falling under WEP, you need to make immediate changes to the security settings.

Now, you need to select WPA2 with AES. AES is very new in the=is environment and is a more reliav]ble and secure option. This option also helps your device to gain the highest connectivity speed.

Keep your SSID a Secret

SSID or Service Set Identifier is something that your router transmits by default. This is why it becomes easier for you to join other new devices to the router.

But, most of the router models keep the SSID covered. So, it will not pop up in a scan for any network that is close by. This will not make any change to the password of your wifi connection.

You will still need the password whether or not the SSID is kept relayed. This process will make you enter the router’s SSID in a manual way whenever you are going to connect a new device with the network.

Take the Speed of the Router to the Highest Level

Have a thorough inspection of the specification section of the router. You will find out all kinds of letters written after the “802.11”.

These letters are actually the wireless qualities that determine the speed of the router. 802.11a is the oldest wireless standard whereas the reading 802.11ac is the most current and hence the fastest.

Every router is made to manage all kinds of speed standards or to handle most of them. If you have the latest connecting devices like the newest smartphones or computers with the wireless standard of 802.11ac, you can fix the speed of the router and make it forget the older standards.

But, keep one thing in mind. If anything suddenly stops working after this, you need to leave this scheme high and dry.


So, here are the main tweaks that you can perform to make your wifi connections safer like never before and also enjoy the Internet with the highest speed. Follow these router settings for faster Internet.

A router is something that is not limited to an office or a railway station. It is a very common device that is being used at homes and also there are cities that provide open wifi networks to have access to the Internet wherever they are in the city. This is why router security settings are also important.

Hopefully, you will now be able to make your router work with the highest speed and that too with complete security.

Comment and let us know if you have used these methods and got the required results. Feedback from you will help us improve and do not forget to visit the other articles on our website.

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