We all are undoubtedly dependent on our devices when it comes to storing data. Nowadays we are extremely dependent on our devices, as a matter of fact, most of us are haunted by the truth of losing data. But sometimes, things go out of our league and cost us dearly by losing some valuable data, But don’t worry you can retrieve it by using a good Mac Data Recovery Tool or by contacting a good Mac Data Recovery Service.

In this context, a feature like recovering lost or deleted files becomes very helpful. From files starting from the photos, video to important business information on our devices. What if you accidentally end up deleting this valuable information?

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Mac Data Recovery Tool is an effective software to recover your lost and deleted files. Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery tool is an effective tool with a friendly user interface.

When you open the tool, the software will give you three options to choose from.

  • Recovery Data
  • Create Image
  • Resume Recovery

Data Recovery

In the user interface, you will see a large blue button. Clicking the button will open up a section of options to choose from. Each option will perform according to your basic needs and requirement. In the selection window, choose the option that suits your purpose.

Here are some available options you will have to choose from.

  1. Drive recovery: Allows you to recover files from corrupted drives.
  2. Photo Recovery: Choose this option, if you want to recover a selection of media files on your device. Photo, video, music and so on.
  3. CD/DVD Recovery: This allows you to recover data stored optical drives.
  4. iPod Recovery: In case you want to retrieve songs and files from your iPod then this option is exactly what you need.
  5. Raw Recovery: This is the advanced methods of recovering data. Choose this option nothing else works out.

If you happen to choose Drive Recovery, you will have access to this list of options to choose from, or else you can go with the hard drive data recovery support also.

  1. Quick Recovery: Choose quick recovery mode to scan your entire drive for any missing files.
  2. Deleted Items Recovery: If you have deleted any data from the said drive, then choose this to scan the drive.
  3. Formatted Media Recovery: Choose this method if you need to recover any files that you deleted by mistake during format.

Furthermore, when you choose Photo Recovery Mode, you will be asked to choose a drive. After that, the software will start searching for any missing photo, video and other media item on that specific drive.

Create Image

If you want to improve the recovery process, you can choose the Create Image option. This will allow you to create an image of the said drive.

Resume Recovery

If you have already started a recovery process but paused it mid-way to complete other tasks, then you can choose the Resume Recovery Mode.
This option saves time, and you can resume the recovery progress by pressing the resume option available on the dashboard.

Other Essential Element

Now, these are some of the most useful features of the software. Apart from these you also get options to modify the file format. However, most of them are added by default. You can also use the filter tab to filter the search results. Also, you get to configure general settings like updates, messages, hidden files and so on.

Bottom line, Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery App is extremely useful for recovering deleted or lost files from your device. Also, the software is compatible with the latest version of the MacOS and if by using this tool also if you are unable to backup your data you can