Microsoft, Facebook, Oracle and 34 more companies have taken the joint oath not to support the Government in any offensive cyber attacks. Cyber security Tech Accord claims to protect all the clients from cyber harassments without any Geopolitical or criminal motive. Looks like the widely recognized companies have now woken up and trying their hard to protect the position in the share market.

Cyber Security

The Devastating Effects Of The Cyber security Flaws

Let’s accept the fact that the last year was one of the worst time for the cybersecurity industry. There were so many huge cyber attacks including the infamous Wanna cry worm and the devastating Not Petya worm that the World has ever witnessed. The question is, will the condition be same in 2018? And the answer is too uncertain right now.

Cyberspace has become the new battlefield where the good guys and the bad guys both are trying to play over smart with each other with new weapons every day. It is a never-ending competition where the dark side is trying to look for the exploits and the brighter side is fixing those patches and finding out better ways to prevent cyber attacks.

Cyber security Tech Accord – An Oath To Protect You From Offensive Cyber Attacks

Microsoft didn’t initially answer the set of questions regarding their contribution to the Government regarding the offensive cyber attacks. On the other hand, the Accord also claimed to build a formal and informal relationship between industry and the security researchers in order to share threats.

It has given a proposal to create an International body to and protect the civilians from the state-sponsored hacking. Smith said that the countries should build global rules for the cyber attacks just like it was built for the armed conflict followed by the World War Two at the 1949 Geneva Convention.

Uncertainty In Its Effectiveness

There are more than 32 companies that have agreed to sign the pledge including Cisco, Juniper Networks, Nokia, Dell and even Trend Micro. But the irony is none of the companies from Russia, North Korea or China has taken part in this pledge who showed the most interest while launching destructive cyber attacks against the hackers. In fact the major US companies like Apple, Twitter, Amazon also didn’t sign the contract.

Wanna cry ransomware aimed at more than 2,50,000 computers from 150 countries including 48 UK medical facilities. Microsoft added a patch to hide the vulnerabilities of the old Windows versions. But none of them is of use as the companies that have already installed the older versions have gone through the harassment. On the other side, the Net Petya ransomware has affected the computers of Ukraine and asked for $300 as ransom amount to be paid by Bitcoin.

Wrapping Up

So, how much this longtime goal of updating International law is going to give an effect to the countries is something that we are looking for? Hope it successfully protects the civilians from the malicious cyber attacks and makes use of the cyber security industry.