Good news for Google users! Google Feature has recently launched a new refresh for all the Google Account holders’ interface. As per Google, these changes are going to be a definite help for users to configure their accounts and to find out the account-related data that Google has stored for them. In short, you can easily navigate to the info related to your account, payment methods, subscriptions, purchases, contacts, reservations, and many more details that might be useful for you.

How Exactly Does It Work?

On the other hand, in this new feature, Google has made your account privacy and security concerns more transparent. With the new intuitive, Google has made your privacy settings more easy to review, so you can take control over your account security better. Now you can just go to the Data & Personalization tab to find your account activity control and choose your desired activity options to make Google work better for you.

In order to review your Privacy settings, you can straightaway go to the recently updated privacy checkup and find out how Google shapes your experience across the Google services. This new initiative of Google feature will first be experienced by the Android users. For the iOS and other users, this update will come later. So get ready to take the perks of a refreshed account interface to your Google account.

What Else Has Google Offered Before?

Last year around September, you must have seen the new Google feature Dashboard update that came along with better privacy controls. Again in October, the revamped Security Checkup feature again offered a refreshed privacy options that you can configure easily as per your recommendation. And then the ad control settings came into action since January. Looks like Google keeps on changing its outlook constantly in order to make things better for you.

Notably, Google Feature has created a new search option to make it easier for its users to navigate to the exact settings. For example, you can write ‘How to change my Google privacy controls?’ Looking easy enough? It definitely helps you easily find the exact settings and make the changes accordingly. So the new update of this company has taken care of all your account necessities and made things handy enough for you.

Let’s Hope For The Best

But you might wonder why it took so long for a search master like Google to come up with such an idea to finally give you the authority and take control of your private data. Well, Google has always made things easier for us, even if none else could answer to your concern. This time, Google has taken this huge step to make it more prominent and easily accessible to you. So let’s enjoy these new features and thank Google for taking its one step forward towards our privacy concerns.

All things considered, the freshly designed Settings menu makes the direction of regulatory travel look pretty clear. In fact, in a better way, it looks credible enough this time. Anyway, let’s hope for the best and take the advantages of the new kid in the Google section.