The news of the new launch of offline mode for reading auto-downloaded articles by the Google Chrome has created quite a buzz in the internet world. The innovation has been generated mainly for Android users to ache new articles without the need of an internet connection. This is an offline focussed feature that directs a browser to download the relevant articles automatically by accessing the previous search history of the browser.

Thus, even if the user is not connected to an internet setting, it has the ability to make the choice of accessing complete information out of the related history and proceed with downloading the articles. The feature has been launched by Google Chrome mainly be keeping the needs of its chrome users all around the world.

Innovation and Google | Quite A Pair!

Google basically launched it in the view of introducing some app that will have the low data access plan and will be proven to be beneficial for the users. The app is also in constant monitoring in order to upgrade the specification to a whole new level. The assurance of using chrome even in the low network supported areas is surely a winning ground for the aid of google.

One has the facility of downloading the contents out of web anytime and read them later without even connecting to an online [portal or connection. Thus, even by sitting in those areas without the access of proper internet access, a user can get hold of the complete facilities through his android device. This also makes the task of downloading the web contents easier and more hassle-free in comparison to that of its original feature.

The app is free to install and for that, a user has to reach to the google play option on their Android devices and download it from their anytime. After that, they can install it at any time of their system and it will start working best along with google chrome and similar google aided apps. The facility has been rolled out all over the world, total 100 and counting as reported till now and is scheduled to expand its territory to a greater extent in the future.

Choose the latest technological revolution

With all these specifications and benefits, the newly launched app is the best in order to access all the relevant information without the presence of any additional network connection. However, it will only come into action if a user is signed into his Gmail account. This, in a way, also has the assurance of privacy and safety so that the network cannot be accessed by any other unauthorized web portal that may possess a risk to the user’s account.

Do you have the need for accessing the offline viewing mode to commute all the latest trends and news that you never want to miss? Here is the answer to that! Simply try out the app and get all the relevant details even in the low network connectivity areas.