Linksys router is known for rendering high speed and performance. However, many users face abrupt issues during the Linksys router login process. 

This is where you need to know how to access the router’s setup page. You can connect the Linksys router with the help of the username and password. The admin panel can also be used to change the Linksys Wi-Fi password. Use the router at your home or office but proper setup is highly essential. 

So, here you will get the required steps to log in to Linksys router if you want to access the router’s web interface.

Requirements for Login to Linksys Router

Before you access the Linksys router’s setup page, you need to have a valid Email ID and Password for login. 

Usually, a unique password is required to login to the Linksys router. Your password must contain a minimum one alphabetic letter, number, and more than 8 characters.

If you do not remember the password and Username then do not need to worry as all Linksys router has the same Username and Password to log in to the network configuration.

The default username for Linksys is admin and for the password, leave a blank. Once you have logged in to the Linksys router you can change the password for your future references and network settings. 

Steps for Login to Linksys Router

You may follow the steps that are given below to login to Linksys router. So, take a glance:

  • At first, switch on the Linksys router and then you need to connect it to the computer with the help of an ethernet cable. Wait until the LAN LED blinks and then open a browser from your PC and type the IP address in the URL bar.
  • From the search results, open the Linksys Router Login page. Now, you will be asked to enter the Username and password.
  • Enter the default password as ‘admin’ to sign in. Then, you can be able to go to the homepage of Linksys Router settings.

Now, you can access the advanced settings of the router and can change the settings as per your preference.

How to Solve Issues Associated with Login Process?

If you get stuck with any abrupt problem, do not worry. Here, you will get the solution to all those problems. 

  • If the browser is not able to open the Linksys login page then you can go the My Computer on your PC. Click on to the Network tab to enlist the network devices to your computer. Now, you can see a hardware list of the Linksys router. You just need to double-click on that router icon to open the setup page. 
  • You can also open the browser and type the IP address (get it verified from the router supplier). This will surely open the Router Login page.
  • You must ensure that the ethernet cable is connected properly or not. You can check whether the LAN LED is blinking or not. If the LED is not blinking then connect the ethernet cable to the blue port of your PC.
  • If you are unable to use the default password then you might have changed it. Then, you need to reset the router to factory defaults. You just need to press the Reset button of the router until the LED blinks. Now, you can access the Linksys router with the help of the default password.


These are effective ways through which you can connect to Linksys router and access the network configuration and its advanced settings. If you face any issues while logging into the Linksys router then simply follow the hacks provided. 

As the Linksys router is one of the best smart WiFI networks for home users and small offices it is very much important to know how to access the Linksys router without any hassle.