Have you heard about the VoIP application? Discord basically falls in this category. When you are very much interested in talking to your friends virtually, Discord helps you to do that. In some cases, you can also see someone else’s computer screen, through the screen sharing facility. There are more than one causes that can lead to Discord screen share no audio. Some of them are outdated audio drivers, absence of admin access, internal issues with the application itself and many more.

Here, you can see your friend’s screen but there is no sound. So, what are you going to do? Here are some of the best possible troubleshooting methods that are given below. Feel free to check them out to resolve the issue. 

  1. Grant the Admin Rights

    Granting the admin rights to any application might resolve the Discord screen share no audio. All you have to do is to open the Properties of the application. From the Compatibility tab, tick-mark the box that describes “Run this program as an administrator”. After that save the changes with the help of the Apply and OK button. Now, you or your friend must try to share the screen on Discord and check whether the same issue persists or not. 

  2. The Addition of your activity

    Discord generally syncs the ongoing activities and the functions associated with them. Sometimes, the synchronization doesn’t take place and as a result, the Discord screen share no audio takes place. That is why you need to manually add an activity. Open the application and navigate through the Settings. 

    Now, access the entry for games and go to the game activity. Add the application that is not sharing its audio properly. If the issue is still there, switch on the Overlay feature of the Discord application and check whether the problem is solved or not. 

  3. Initialize Push to Talk Feature

    Discord has the facility of automatic detection of audio anywhere from the internet. If you are using the beta version of the Discord application, then several problems might occur. That is why the “push to talk” feature comes in handy. 

    It’s the process of manually pressing a key and waiting for the audio to be captured. After that, you can send it to the receiver. This can partially resolve the issue of Discord screen share no audio. It’s better that you download and install the entire version to avoid such complications. 

  4. Turn off the Full-Screen mode

    As per the experts, Discord sometimes faces a big issue when you are operating the application in the full-screen mode. The bug might be responsible for the Discord screen share no audio. But, the solution is easy, disable the full-screen mode from the Settings. After that, hopefully, the issue will not occur again. 

  5. Take care of the Audio Drivers

    The audio drivers are the backbone of your computer’s sound system. Without the help of the drivers, you cannot play any audio file. If you do not play the video with the dedicated graphics card located in the motherboard, you will not be able to hear any sound. Similarly, outdated audio drivers can also lead to Discord screen share no audio. 

    If you have enough time, then access the configuration settings, find out the audio driver, right-click on it to update. If you have a lot of work to do, then install such an application that has the ability to update the audio driver. This method is also known as the automatic update procedure. 

    In case, the above-mentioned methods don’t work at all, open the manufacturer’s website, choose the OS you are using, and then download the drivers. When the download is complete, install them which will replace the outdated ones with new ones. 

  6. Delete the Discord Cache Files

    Every application, during the run time, returns a value. That value is converted into files with various types of format, and these are generally known as cache files. Now, the cache files also hold the user data. The Discord screen share no audio occurs, it might happen due to the excessive number of cache files. 

    Open the system drive where the installation folder of the Discord is present. As it is a third-party application, the folder will be located in the AppData folder. Open it to find out the sub-folder named Roaming. In this sub-folder, the Discord system folder is there, select and delete the folder. Before deleting the folder, make sure that the Discord is not running in the background, otherwise, you won’t be able to delete the folder. 

  7. Update the Application

    It’s the only straightforward way to eliminate most of the issues that take place within the Discord. First, visit the Control Panel or the Settings to get the list of all the installed applications. Select Discord and uninstall it. After that, download the new setup file of the Discord and install it. The uninstalling process removes all the remaining directories from the system drive. After the installation is done, re-launch the application and check whether the Discord screen share no audio is occurring or not. 

  8. Restore the Computer to its Previous Version

    Restoring the computer to its previous version will help you in returning to the state when the Discord is not installed on your computer. This process has the fair chance to fix the Discord when it is not sharing the audio. Restart the computer and keep on pressing the f2 or f10 key to enter the Restore mode.

    According to the on-screen instructions, restore your computer to its earliest version. Here Discord might not be installed on your computer. So, install it and then check whether the problem is still there or not. 

  9. Format the entire Computer

    It’s the ultimate solution to not only Discord but all the computer-based problems. In the previous days, people used to format their computer and install a new OS with the help of a bootable disc. But now, as technology is developing, for faster installation, bootable pen drives are being used by people. 

    So, you have to prepare a bootable drive, insert it into your computer and then restart it. After that, follow all the on-screen instructions, format the system drive and install the OS. The process is a bit lengthy and it will take time to complete. So, have patience and wait. When the entire process is done, install all the desired applications.

Summing Up…

Hopefully, all the above-mentioned procedures will help the Discord application to transmit audio. If you carefully follow the last procedure, it will be very much effective. Further, always keep your system clean from any type of cache and junk files to avoid any type of complication regarding the applications. The installation of the security software will protect your computer from external threats, too.