Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like to have an exotic custom skin on their weapons in CS:GO? It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran; having a flashy skin at your disposal always makes you stand out from other players and allows you to show off your prized possessions. This article will share a few ways to find the best skins in CS:GO.

Open all Your Cases

The more matches you play in CS:GO, the higher your chance of earning cases for free. You can get keys to open these cases and win some of the best skins and knives in CS:GO such as the Bayonet Marble Fade, a $600 to $700 knife. This is an uncertain method that does not always get you what you want, but if it does, it’s a win.

$600 to $700 knife

Get Your Hands on Operation Passes

Operations are special events in CS:GO that often include the release of brand-new cases with some of the coolest skins you can find in the game. One good strategy is to play the most during operations and buy the Operation Pass to get access to missions that are only available during operations. You can earn stars with the completion of these missions and earn free cases and skins that you can then use on your weapons or trade for something else.

Play Frequently after Updates

Building further upon the previous trick, if you can’t purchase an Operation Pass, simply play the game more frequently during operations and new updates. This increases the chance of you getting a new case that can be unlocked to earn fresh skins or sold in the market to purchase a skin of your choice. So make sure to keep an eye out for updates and case drops to maximize your chances of getting skins in CS:GO.

Trade Skins on the Market

Trading CS:GO weapon skins on the market to obtain better skins and earn a small profit is something that requires a lot of patience. It also requires initial capital to buy a CS:GO skin. Since the values of skins vary over time, when demand rises, you can sell the skin at a higher price to earn a profit or buy a more expensive skin. This is a slow method that requires monitoring of the market, but can bear fruit with time.

Purchase Skins with Money

If you really desire a CS:GO skin, you can always use real money to buy it off the Steam marketplace. This method may be the most expensive compared to the rest, but it is a direct way to get what you want while avoiding long wait times to get it through cases or marketplace trading.

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