Going out on vacation and carrying your PlayStation 5 can be quite exciting. You need to set up the PS5 with a nearby internet connection; the most available option is the hotel’s Wi-Fi connection. You might be thinking about how to connect PS5 to hotel WiFi and if this is possible!

Yes, you can connect your PS5 to the hotel WiFi. However, hotel Wi-Fi is not as speedy as you expect it to be. As a result, you might encounter unexpected lags and latencies while playing heavy-duty games. 

Here’s a complete guide on what you need to know regarding how to connect PS5 to hotel WiFi.

Difficulties while Connecting PS5 to Hotel WiFi

A handful of users have complained that they have faced issues establishing a connection between the PS5 and the hotel Wi-Fi. The lack of authentication is the most dreaded issue. If the username or password that the user enters is wrong, then the device denies the connection.

On the other hand, the PS5 lacks a browser. Hence, you need to implement different methods to make the connection useful. How to connect PS5 to hotel Wi-Fi? You need to tackle the authentication barrier first.

Additionally, hotel Wi-Fi networks are not the fastest; not to brag, but they are a bit lagging. Most hotels let their visitors use the 2.4GHz band for better connectivity reach. Whereas the 5GHz band is the best option for an internet connection with good speed. 

How to Connect PS5 to Hotel WiFi?

There are two popular and effective methods for establishing an internet connection between the hotel Wi-Fi and your PS5. The first one will use your PS5 as a built-in authenticator. In the second method, you have to take the help of your smartphone as a mediator.

How to Connect PS5 to Hotel WiFi Using the Console only?

Start with turning on your gaming console and the television in the hotel room. Connect the PS5 to the TV and go through the following instructions:

  • Grab your PS5 and navigate to its Settings option. Next, go to the Network option and check if the hotel Wi-Fi appears there. 
  • Try connecting to the network. But, this will not work and you have to proceed to the next step.
  • Now, go back to Settings. Select the option that says, ‘User’s Guide, Health & Safety, and Other Information’.
  • After that, select the User’s Guide option. Go for Yes when any prompt appears.
  • It should bring up the hotel’s Wi-Fi sign-in window. Additionally, you will also be able to provide all the login details for authentication.
  • A green check-mark should appear if you have entered the correct login information, otherwise, you have to try again.
  • This is not the end of the connection. Go back to Network and you need to choose the Test Internet Connection option.

This will test the internet connection and can be time-consuming. Your PS5 is ready to conquer the gaming world once it displays, ‘Connection Test Complete’.

Use a Smartphone for Authentication

Your PS5 might not connect to the hotel Wi-Fi at once. Here, the smartphone might act as a mediator and let you connect the PS5 to hotel WiFi. If you don’t find the above method useful then try the following steps below:

  • Scroll to the Settings of your PS5 controller. Press X to select the toolbox icon. After that, you have to choose the Network option.
  • Select the option that says, ‘Set Up Internet Connection’. Next, you need to choose the hotel Wi-Fi username. This won’t be successful as you haven’t authenticated yet.
  • Go for the ‘How to authenticate’ option. Explore the Wi-Fi option on your smartphone.
  • Under the same Wi-Fi option of the smartphone, you need to connect your smartphone to the PS5 gaming console. The gaming console’s wireless connection might appear as PS5-123.
  • Next, you have to connect the smartphone to the hotel’s WiFi network. This step is mandatory regarding how to connect PS5 to hotel WiFi. Provide the password to join the hotel Wi-Fi network.
  • This will show you a prompt that says, ‘Sign in to Wi-Fi network’.
  • Now, this opens the gateway to the hotel’s Wi-Fi network. Here, you have to enter the network password to connect the PS5 to the hotel Wi-Fi network.

By now, you can expect your PS5 to be connected to the hotel Wi-Fi network. 

Troubleshooting Tips When PS5 Refuses to Connect to Hotel’s Wi-Fi Network

Hopefully, you know by now how to connect PS5 to hotel WiFi. However, users have reported that PS5 couldn’t connect to the hotel WiFi despite following the correct steps. Additionally, laptops, smartphones, etc., can behave similarly. 

Here are a few in-general troubleshooting tips that might help you to eradicate the issues and join the network.

Restart your Devices

Minor technical glitches are unwanted and unpredictable; they can arrive anytime. Therefore, a handy restart or reboot can always prove to be helpful. Restart your PS5 gaming console and try connecting it to the hotel’s Wi-Fi.

Attempt Reconnecting

If your PS5 still connects to the hotel’s WiFi network, but you can’t access the internet, then try this fix. Remove the login details of the hotel’s wireless network. Just forget the network and go to Settings. Use the above-mentioned methods to connect your PS5 to the hotel’s Wi-Fi network.

Navigate to ‘Fix & Connect’

If nothing is working out, then you can try this instead. PlayStation’s Fix & Connect portal is a one-stop solution for handling mere issues. Select the option that says, ‘My PS5 can’t connect to the internet’. The portal would ask you a few questions and try to improve the situation.

Wrapping Up

How to connect PS5 to hotel WiFi? We are sure that you have got your answers. If you face any network latency, then you might have to find alternatives to the hotel Wi-Fi network. Otherwise, you can try turning up fixes to improve the network strength and coverage.