Several reasons could trigger the remote not working problem in the Toshiba remote. Fire TV users won’t be able to change the channel if they are using a malfunctioned remote.

Replace the existing Toshiba remote and get a new one to solve the issue. Additionally, you can press the Smart TV’s power button to turn it off. Wait for a few seconds and then press the “Power” button to turn on the device. Now, try to access the channel using the Toshiba Fire TV remote. If the error persists, then something is wrong with the remote settings.

Moreover, the Toshiba remote won’t work if the TV isn’t set properly. Thus, install the Fire TV by following the manual, then check if the remote works. 

Still, the Toshiba remote is not working? Then, go through the following reasons and implement the solutions to eliminate the issue:

Why is the Toshiba Remote not Working?

A Toshiba Fire TV remote comes with 4-5 years of longevity. And, it can stop responding or generate technical issues after that. If you have been using the remote for more than 5 years, it’s time to get a new one. But, if you have recently changed the remote and still it’s not working, then clean the terminals.

Dirt or dust particles may accumulate inside the remote control terminal. And, these contaminants can prevent the Toshiba remote from working properly. Thus, remove the remote control cover and batteries and remove the debris using a soft cloth. Then, reinstall the batteries and check if that works. 

Still experiencing the same problem? You might haven’t inserted the remote battery correctly. Check the “+” and “-” pole, and then install the battery inside the remote. Otherwise, the Toshiba remote control won’t work or respond even when the TV is on. 

Moreover, this error might occur due to a faulty remote sensor on the TV. Repair this unit immediately to overcome the problem. However, fixing a remote sensor might be difficult if you don’t have technical expertise. Contact an expert in such instances for instant recovery.

Easy Fixes for Toshiba Remote not Working

There are several ways to solve the Toshiba remote not working error. However, you should determine the source of the issue in the first place. In most cases, a remote control stops working for incompatible batteries. Thus, check the battery type and install the right battery for the Toshiba Fire TV remote. 

Follow these solutions if you still can’t use the Smart TV remote:

1. Power Cycle the Remote with and without the Battery

Did you try to power cycle the Toshiba remote when it stopped working? Then, apply this solution to resolve this complicated problem. Remove the batteries and press the remote’s “Power” button for 60 seconds. Release the button and check if the Toshiba remote is working.

Replace the batteries and press the power button again to use the remote. When you press this button, the remote may drain the residual power. Toshiba remote batteries store electricity inside capacitors even when the batteries are removed. This is why you need to power cycle the Toshiba remote without batteries.

How to Power Cycle the Toshiba Remote with Batteries?

There is a high possibility that a button on the remote is stuck. If one or more remote buttons stop working, the other buttons won’t work. And, this can prevent the Toshiba TV remote from working even if it has the right batteries. 

There are several reasons why a remote button can get stuck. It could occur when debris accumulates under the buttons’ rubber. Did you accidentally spill something on the remote? Then this might prevent the Toshiba TV remote buttons from functioning. However, you can easily fix this problem by power cycling the remote. 

Press all the remote control buttons several times. Turn the device over and gently rub the back of the device. It will help you to remove the debris from the Toshiba TV remote. Now, press the power button for 60 seconds, and it will start to work without glitches.

2. Reconnect the Toshiba Remote to the TV

Disconnect the Toshiba remote to Fire TV and re-pair it to fix the issue. However, the steps to reconnect these two devices might vary from one TV model to another. Do you use the latest Toshiba Fire TV? Then, you will find the pairing button on the remote’s back. 

Remove the batteries and press the button for at least 10-15 seconds. It will reconnect the Toshiba Fire TV to the remote. If the remote doesn’t have any pairing button, press the “Home” button instead. Release the button after 30 seconds while pointing the remote at the TV.

The Toshiba remote’s power button will blink after a few seconds. This indicates that the remote is working and can be used to access the channels. Fail to re-pair the Toshiba remote to the Fire TV? Then, hold the back, left and menu buttons simultaneously for 30 seconds. It will reset the remote and fix the issue within a minute.

Lastly, Confirm the remote’s IR sensor is working… 

The Toshiba Fire TV and remote use an infrared beam to send and receive signals. The remote control won’t work if the beam stops responding. Therefore, check if the IR on the remote is working by using the phone camera. Open the camera app and look at the remote through the phone screen. 

Press any remote keys and check if the red light is blinking through the camera. Didn’t see any light on the Toshiba remote? This indicates that the remote may have drained batteries. Remove the existing batteries and install new ones to fix the problem.

Moreover, it could occur if an object creates an obstruction when the beam is trying to send/receive signals. Check if there are Bluetooth speakers or any electronics near the Smart TV. Try moving them to a different location and press the remote’s power button. It will turn on the TV and work without causing further interference.